Relationship Evolution


Jessi Risley Coaching Relationship Specialist Mentor


The Signature Program


12 weeks

1:1 Hands-On Mentoring with Jessi

Personalized Energy Healing Through Intention

Mindset Re-framing

Mind, Body, Soul Cleansing Techniques

Deepening Soul-Centered Connectedness

Visualization For Brain & Body Altering

and more!

Entrepreneur's Meditation Mastery



4 Week Self Study Program


Online Course for Creative Leaders Seeking to Manifest Their Desires, Equipped with Stress Relieving Techniques, Identify & Release Limiting Beliefs to Reconnect With Your Soul Purpose By Mastering Intuitive Action & Mental Power - at your own pace!


You'll receive weekly strategy sessions with Jessi, course material, instructional audio & videos recordings, guided meditations and downloadable content.

Public Speaking Events


Available for Public Speaking Events.

Please contact Jessi directly with inquiries.

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