Did you know that when you smile the entire world leaps to catch a glimpse?

To capture the sight of such inexpiable beauty – unable to be justified to the human eyes.

Such grace, such magnificence, such transparency of earthly elegance.

Do you see it?  Do you feel it?

Feel it to the depths of your soul.  Relish in its splendor.  Dance in its honesty.

You, my dear, are the most beautiful embodiment of joy that I’ve ever seen; and you shall shine beyond your limitations.

Believe that you can move mountains and you will do just that!

Nothing can stop a force like you.

Go out into the world and make it yours!

During an intense time in her life, she rose to see herself as a flower blooming for the first time.  She stood in the field surrounded by openness and promise.  Not a moment too soon, as she inhaled the sweet scent of wildflowers, she was filled with strength in a way she had never felt before.

The world was dark, yet she saw light within her soul.  She knew man’s hope was not in vain, yet in sadness.  She knew a women scorned was not the end of it all, yet the start of a renewed sense of self.  She knew that the soul could be cleansed of its tarnish, returning to a state of beauty and solace.

She crafted an ideal body of self to cultivate love across the plains.  She was the embodiment of peace as she drifted off into the sunlight.  All that she desired was within her.  She was sent to create change; a change that would transform humanity until the end of time.

Her words were tender; her touch was sincere.  Each blade of grass that caressed her skin turned to silk upon her release.

Her name was unknown, yet her legacy lives on.  She was perfect and light, soulful and grounded.  Every soul encounter was etched in stone.  She was a rebirth for all who were lost.  She was a second chance – a new beginning.

She was the sun, the moon, the earth, and the sea.

She was the flower moon.

Human nature has taught us many things, yet most of them are wrong.  We grow up in a world that shapes us to believe who we are told we are. Only when we realize we are who we decide to be, is when our internal world really takes shape.

If you’re like me, I had to struggle before I realized that wasn’t who I am.  I had to learn the hard way that all of the years of being told I am this or that, isn’t who I am at all.  I didn’t like the version of me that was implied.  That version lived in a state of constant sadness and strife.  I began to wonder why I allowed this to be for so long.

Here I am, an adult with responsibilities and I’m living in a state of consciousness that didn’t thrive the way I felt I should.  I was existing, yet not living.

It wasn’t until my life felt as if it was slowing fading from my grasp (figuratively speaking), that I knew something massive had to change.  I began to learn how to change from the perception of who I was to who I truly am.  I began to look within, deeply and unapologetically, to understand what my heart was desperately trying to say.

I am not who I was told I am.  I am who I decide to be.  And no matter what age or stage of life you are in, you are in control of who you are and how you chose to live.

You are in control of your beliefs, your feelings, your emotions and your circumstances.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your life, you have the ability to change it.  You, and only you, can change your life.

My life was in chaos.  Most of which I invited in unknowingly.  I was lost in a sea of sadness, resentment and anger.  I showed a façade of happiness and well thought out decisions that ultimately made me sink deeper into my own despair.  I was on the brink of self sabotage, sitting on the edge of destruction before I woke up.

Something had to change.  When I took control of who I am and began to understand my own mind, I knew that no amount of blame or resentment would lead me to where I was truly destined to be.  I could no longer be the person I was thought to be, I was to be amazing, not full of hate, not full of cruel words and unnecessary blame.  I am in control.

I can’t pinpoint the day that I woke, yet I can tell you that I spent months building the person that I am now.  I spent countless hours and shed millions of tears to realize that no one is to blame for the choices I’ve made or the circumstances of my life, I subconsciously chose it all.

Over time I have learned that this journey will never cease.  This is who I choose to be and the endless work to constantly build more positive habits and behaviors is who I want to be.  I am a beacon of light, a light that I never knew I am, yet am happy to embrace.

When you know deep within that your life is to be more than what your current circumstance is, you are the only person that can control that.

Our lives are surrounded by relationships, some good and some bad.  Nothing happens by chance.  We attract what we have based our thought patterns and beliefs on.

It took so long for me to realize that all of these things were at no fault to anyone else, yet the beliefs that I chose to carry with me.  And I chose to change it all.

I took control and made the necessary changes.  I made a lot of changes. And little by little the darkness (we all have darkness; it just depends how you allow it to exist within your life) began to fade to light.

Responsibility is key to existing.  If you want change in your life, you have to take the first steps to doing so.  Blame and resentment, boredom and anger serve no purpose but to hold you down in a state of who you were told you are, not who you truly are.

Begin to realize the difference.  Make the conscious effort to be YOU and live how you choose to live.

If you’ve never been told this, allow me to break the news: living in a constant state of anger, fear or sadness are surefire ways to continuously live life on someone else’s terms.

WHEN you decide that you are far too impoortant to live this way, because you will eventually, thats when everything begins to shift. Your life will begin to change with little effort.

The Law of Attraction steps in and brings all of the positivity that you’ve transformed into reality.  When you fill your heart with light and replace your old habits with better ones, you’ll not only see the difference, but you’ll feel it to your core.

When you embrace change, the things that you were afraid you couldn’t live without begin to fall away because they were never meant to be yours.  When you embrace who you truly are, the people that aren’t meant to grow with you will begin to fade away.  This is all okay!!  You are changing.  You are growing.  You are becoming your authentic self; and no other opinion matters more than yours.

Grow.  Thrive.  Allow yourself to become the absolute best YOU you can be!

THIS is why I do what I do. I’ve been on that side and I know many of you still are.  I knew my life was far too precious to continue that way and I was more concerned with making the change to create the life I desire, to be among healthy relationships and fulfill my dreams than to remain in a state of bored existence.

Some of my relationships faded away, while many others became stronger.  That’s how this works.  What’s meant to be yours (when you become who you need to be for you) will forever remain.  What’s not, will fade from you.

Its natural, its necessary and you are your first priority.

Here’s a story that most people don’t know.  I tell it now, not because I feel anyone needs to know the happenings of my relationships, yet to understand how powerful we are as humans.

We hold the power to change our entire reality; our entire world.

A few short years ago, I felt lost.  Completely lost within myself.  I was a wife and mother, but I felt deep inside that I was to be more.  I was made to be something amazing.  Yet my existence was nothing more than “wife” and “mom”.  As fulfilling as those things are, something was calling to me to become more.

This may seem hard to comprehend, but my world was crashing around me and I could barely breathe.  I knew something had to change, I just wasn’t sure what.

For a long time, I searched.  I searched, I drew conclusions, I made rash decisions.  I thought I knew what I wanted and what was best for myself and the kids.  I allowed relationships to fall apart, threw blame at people in an unjust manner and began down a road of self destructive behavior.  I was utterly lost.

No matter what “conclusion” I had reached, I still didn’t feel found.  I was still going through the motions of the mundane, breathing without actually living, and completely unhappy with myself.  The choices I was making made me feel worse.  I couldn’t find the path to light that made my soul sing.  I was surrounding myself in thoughts of an unsettling and heavy mind.

My darkness kept sinking deeper.

I tried so hard to put on a happy face for the outside world, yet deep within I was dying.

I scrolled through social media, lost and seeking something that made sense.  I had no direction or way out, but after feeling such despair for so long, I knew I needed to dig my way up.

After months of telling myself “no, I’m not the problem”, I realized that I was a major player in the problem.  I needed to change something within myself.  Something major.

I said something one day (before my realization) that brought me to a screeching halt.  I told my husband that I never wanted to marry him.  I actually said those words.  I saw the impact of my words in his eyes.  His heart had literally broken before me.

I had always had a mean streak.  That was something I was known for, like it or not.  I prided myself on being brutally honest.  It became the joke of who I was.  But the day that I said those words to my husband I knew was the moment I needed to change who I was.

This person didn’t deserve my life.  I have a great life and this person was just cruel.

I began praying.  I didn’t know what I needed, but a change was imperative.  I sat.  However, whenever I could, I just sat in a quiet space.  I needed to be alone to figure out why I was acting this way and how the heck to get out of it.  I knew I needed a massive change to be who I wanted to be.

Praying / meditating became my go-to.  It allowed me something that I never knew I needed.  To go within my own mind, quietly without judgement or expectation, and to just be.  I began researching meditation; the how to’s, what to do, what to say, the meaning of it all.  I began looking for answers in better locations, better patterns of thinking.  I wasn’t sure how I got here, but I knew I had hit my version of rock bottom and a light was beginning to shine.

One day it all began to make sense.  I was holding onto feelings of resentment for things that happened years prior; things that no longer mattered.  I was holding a grudge on my husband (and others) for anything and everything that “pissed me off”!  (Which was just about anything).  I had held onto this persona of someone who was defined by the outside world, but never truly felt like me.  I allowed others to decide who I would be, not realizing that this only led to believing I was someone I wasn’t.

None of these things were serving me.  None of them were making me happy.  None of them were getting me closer to the life I wanted.  All of these things held me down like a weight on my shoulders that I was drowning in a sea of darkness, unworthiness, and fear.

I was afraid to be ME.  I was afraid to take down the barrier that guarded my heart.  I was afraid to be vulnerable.  I was afraid to make the necessary changes to myself to be a better person.

I was tired of being afraid.  I was tired of living up to others’ expectations, and not my own.  

I decided to become more.  To allow myself to be who I needed to be.  To be who my family deserved.  I decided to make peace with who I am and enjoy living life in a new way.

I taught myself to think differently, to change my perspectives, to change my reality.  I knew that I may not be the sole reason things weren’t perfect, but I was a big one.  And that wasn’t okay.

I made BIG changes.  I learned the value of self love; the value of forgiveness; the value of knowledge.  I learned that positivity truly does shape my reality, and that the way I react to things has a massive effect on my world.

My “old ways” of doing just about everything were gone.  I found new ways to enjoy myself, to be happy, to be ME!

In time, I trained myself to rewire my brain from victim to empowered.  To stop seeing all things as they’re happening to me, yet instead see life as a lesson – to learn from it and grow.

What can I learn from the circumstances in which I created? What can I change to be more positive, to have a better outcome, to achieve all the things that I want to be/ achieve?

I trained myself to think better – to be better.

I changed my habits.  I changed the way I found happiness.  I changed just about anything that didn’t make me feel like a million dollars.

Then, and only then, is when my life began to feel different.  Happier.  More fulfilled.

You see, far too often we look to others for validation, to make us happy, to be the light that we seek..  without realizing that everything we seek is within us!

We are the source of our own happiness, our own circumstances, our own reality.

We need to work within ourselves, to love ourselves, to take the pressure off of things that don’t truly matter and begin to see life for what it is.. our perception of who we think we need to be for others; not ourselves.

The thing is..  we can’t truly love anyone else until we learn to fully love ourselves.

And then we teach others how to love us.  Be an example, the spokesperson for your life, the one person to define who you are, how you’ll live and the choice to be happy.

Sometimes growth can be scary, but the results (which are ever growing!) are worth it!

You are worth it.  


When seeking wisdom to travel through life’s bumpy road, one tends to create scenarios of confusion, rather than clarity.

To become what we are afraid to see ourselves as is often a challenge far bigger than we can comprehend.

To be what we most fear, to be the icon – the beacon – the trailblazer in fancy cloak, we must burn the impression of acceptance and expectation.

The words of your mind wreck havoc on the teachings of your heart. Choose wisely to the one that loves you most.

When looking to the heavens for wisdom, we often shut the door before words can be spoken. Listen carefully for patience is a virtue when seeking life’s greatest lessons.

Seek now and forever hold your peace. No stronger vibration has been felt than that of a grateful heart.

For the love of a child is made of gold; pure, unscathed and unfathomable to the naked eye.

When words escape you, turn inward. The knowledge you seek is within your soul.

She was born to create.

There were no obstacles that deter her from being who she was meant to be.

She is here to make a difference.

She is here to bring peace.

In times of uncertainty, she relied on her passion to see her through.

In those times, she created waves of love.

Waves of change. Waves of hope.

She was a powerhouse of strength to those who can’t stand alone;
The Spirit of peace to those living in turmoil;
She was the creator of happiness for others to enjoy.

She was a dreamer – she recognized hope in the darkness.

She was created for more.

  • artwork by unknown artist.

Encapsulated by darkness; a dense fog that overshadowed her being.

She sat peacefully in the moment, intending for the fog to dissipate through the goodness of her soul.

Gently, she spoke the words “I am me..”  Slowly and infinitely, she waited.  At ease in the present.

To be utterly patient wasn’t easy, yet she overcame her fear of being purely, intensely at one with herself and was still.

Unaware of the world around her, as she was soaked in a feeling of love, she was here..

A rush of light washed over her as she sat.  The presence of angels was felt.  She had arrived.

All this time, she had asked for a sign, intending to be patient, yet expecting and afraid of what may happen.

After letting go of the fear that kept her heart still, she was able to grow into the beautiful being that she was meant to be.  Her heart soared.

She was enveloped in a sea of pink light.  A tingling feeling flushed over her body.  She knew she was not alone.

The fog had lifted from her soul.  She was at peace.  Whole, in love and free.

Allow me to (re)introduce myself.

I’m Jessi. I carry many titles, all with significant meaning to my life.  I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, writer, coach and entrepreneur.  With each title comes a chapter of my story that makes me the unique individual that I am.

My story began quite simple.  I’m from a Christian family, two parents (still married), the youngest of two children, and, as luck would have it, the only girl in my immediate family.  So, you can imagine that my days were spent playing dolls alone or in the company of my brother and male cousins that I most likely forced to interact in whatever activity I was engaged in at the time. (and by forced I mean that literally.  I was a bit bossy).

I was a typical child, I like to think.  One that would rather play alone instead of doing something I found mundane or nonsensical.  In that, I may not have been typical.  Or at least not accommodating to those around me.  Yet my outlook has been the same for as long as I can remember.. “I just want to have fun”!

Through many trials, falls, bumps in my road, I do believe that I came out on top.  I made my mistakes, quite a few, but I regret nothing because I have found value in every lesson life has taught me.  I never felt my worth would come perfectionism, yet that my authenticity carried my truth. I was unique in my own right. I never vied to be like anyone else; I was content being me.

Fast forward many years, and today I am more comfortable in my skin than ever before.  To be fair, the comfort that I feel at this stage in my life hadn’t always been there.  I was plagued with discontent for a time.  I felt a sense of needing more in every stage.  I allowed myself to fall into a pit of despair, removing the vital aspects of myself that led to self sabotage.  After a period of being at my lowest self, I woke to a new version of myself that was screaming to be heard.  I made peace with who I was, what I wanted, what I needed, and realized through it all that none of it was possible until I learned to love myself, weakness and strengths alike, before I could press on with my future.  Something I never knew was as pertinent as self love, I had never fully engaged in this before.

As each chapter of our stories bring a highlight, this was mine.  I found myself.  I learned to stop saying ‘yes” to everyone except myself, and to start taking care of my needs.  I learned that as an emotionally driven personality, I needed to learn to control my emotions in order to gain control of myself to reshape my world.  I never felt truly comfortable relying on another person to take full care of me, yet I had done so for so long, only to be disappointed when let down because I expected more than others could give; especially when you don’t know yourself fully and what fuel needs to be added to make you light up.

The expectations I put on others was outlandish in comparison to the standards I held for myself.  Because I didn’t understand the concept of true self-love, I couldn’t fully embrace it.  Once I became aware, I fully submerged myself in learning everything I could to break my barriers and completely accept who I was about to become.  I needed to release my ego to begin living life out of love, instead of pride.

The journey wasn’t easy, but, as the saying goes, nothing worth having is.  When reteaching yourself how to react differently than your old tendencies, life becomes interesting.  Its as if you have an entirely new perspective on life with fresh eyes!  Imagine, if you will, being new to a country, unable to speak the native language and the feeling of amazement in everything you encounter.  That’s what it felt like to rewire my brain to see the positive in absolutely everything.  The process was interesting and daunting all the same.  Yet after a few weeks, I realized that my life was seemingly taking better avenues than ever before.  With a new perspective, I was able to let go of the hindering old habits, making way for better responses and a perspective of love.

To say I gained a new outlook would be an understatement.  I gained more than an outlook, I gained a new life.  The old me was mad.  All. The. Time.  I carried a chip on my shoulder that was relentless and unwavering.  I held others at an unworldly standard, one that I didn’t even hold for myself.  I expected more from others than I was ever willing to give.  I had a lot of growing to do.. and that’s exactly what I did.

Now, whether you find significance in zodiac signs and their characteristics or not, I am a Scorpio.  (enough said! haha)  In all actuality, I am very much like what the characterized Scorpio is..  passionate, a thinker, intense, a rough exterior, brutally honest, protective, and incredibly loyal (unless i have a reason not to be).  Although I don’t forgive easily, I can be your absolute best ally if need be.  What I came to understand about myself is that being categorized is unnecessary.  Do I find humor in the fact that the characteristics are accurate, yes, of course!  But, I also understand that there is little need for me to be callus (unnecessarily) in a world where there is a dire need to spread love.  When I changed the way I reacted, changed the way I treated others (out of my own lack of self love), I taught myself and those around me that the importance of kindness outweighs criticism.

Sure, there is a harsh reality for some when doing this kind of work.  I didn’t come from a puzzled past that needs blasted from the rooftops seeking pity.  My past is exactly where it needs to be.. behind me.  It will never define me because I grew from the lessons learned from each choice I made.  I live for today, encapsulated in the moment!

I also believe this is what makes me a great coach and keeps me seeking for better than I was yesterday.  Growth doesn’t happen overnight, and neither will the change that I was created to make in the world.

Luckily, I know the value of patience and perseverance and will continue to share my voice for those needing to hear it.


Our son has been struggling this school year. Understandably, he has encountered many changes at home and academically, yet his determination and perseverance astound me.

You see, Brixton struggles with reading intensely. He doesn’t enjoy it, therefore, he doesn’t put forth a great effort. As his mom, and a writer, this is agony to me. From the perspective of his mom, I want to see him succeed and I know full well that he is capable. As a writer, to not enjoy reading baffles me. We’ve had multiple conversations about the importance of reading, and that archeologists (his dream) must be able to read quite well.

Funny thing is, he often shocks us with his ability to read words he sees while out and about, words we didn’t know he’d recognize. He recites words we didn’t know he knew of or could comprehend. (Please don’t take that as we have any distrust in his abilities, we believe he’s more capable than he lets others know).

Brixton has worked with a reading specialist for a few years. This school year he is working with someone new, someone his father and I know very little about, yet have a good relationship with.

This afternoon I received an email from his reading specialist to say that she is blessed to be working with him. That his personality and demeanor will take him far in life. She goes on to say that she has no doubt that he will be successful with his reading as he grows.

As any parent, its easy to feel despair when our children are falling behind or having difficulty in an situation. To be uplifted by such a message from this lovely woman has made me realize that our work as parents has been anything but failing.

We try so hard to make them what we want them to be, sometimes losing sight of who they are.

This amazing boy has once again rose above and made positive waves in his future.

I am one insanely proud mom!

A few years ago, I made an immediate decision that I was unprepared for, and quite frankly, unsure of. I spoke of something I had no knowledge of, but was sure of deep within my heart.

On the day our daughter was born we were told, in an abrupt manner, that she has Down Syndrome. We were shocked and had no idea how to process the information, let alone how this would affect our family.

As the days passed, I cried. Not tears of sadness, but tears of confusion. My love for this child was born of my soul, so pure and unwavering that nothing could change it. My precious gift from God was going to be uniquely beautiful; diagnosis or not.

When I spoke to my mom a day or so later, she asked me why I was crying. Without thinking of how to answer, I immediately said “because I don’t want the world to treat her differently”. I knew that no matter what I would ensure that she was treated for who she is.. just a girl. That a diagnosis would never define her.

My heart was full. Our family was complete. I may not have known at the time what our world would look like, yet I knew that God had his hands on us and we would live as normally as possible. This has been a decision that I’ve never questioned.

As the years have passed our family has stood by her; learning together, enjoying our differences, and celebrating our similarities.

There has been bumps in our road, many that I’ve written about, but not one that has ever led me to feel burdened or saddened by our life. On the contrary, we are insanely blessed!

A family dynamic is a glorious combination of personalities and unique perspectives.

As Ingrid grew, we were faced with an aspect of life that we weren’t used to. Advocating. As something I had little experience with, I knew I had to follow my instincts.

Being that I had made a very deliberate decision to not have Down Syndrome be what defines Ingrid, I had mixed feelings regarding advocating.

Of course, my daughter, my precious little girl would know that she was created by God to be special, but not in a way that is conventional.

She, just like each one of us, has a story that is all our own. No two people are the same and our differences should be celebrated, not shunned.

Alongside much controversy, I made the decision to decline all advocating. This will never be who she is. She is Ingrid. I am raising my children to see the value in human life, not because one person is this or that. Each child needs to feel honored, loved, and supported for who they are, not what a piece of paper says about them.

I fight for my kids. I speak up when necessary. And I make it known that I will always be there for them no matter what the situation is. As with any parent, my kids are my life. I will always and forever be their person.

On that note, I refuse to accentuate a negative image upon my child. I refuse to paint a picture of a difficult life for her; her life is her creation – however big and beautiful she chooses to create it! I will not glorify a life of struggles and hardship, when she is capable of amazing things. I will not create dramatic scenes of displacement to regard her as incapable. And I will never allow anyone else to imply that she cannot do anything she chooses.

Recently, I read a quote by Mother Theresa and it reminded me of exactly why we feel this way..

I want to create a world of love and peace for our children to grow and learn from. By advocating, I would be calling upon more judgement, darkness, separation, and sadness. A path I cannot be part of.

Sure, life has changed. It’s gotten better!

Our family is constructed of love, hope, peace, abundance, and adventure.

We choose to live life in light. To celebrate our differences, to be proud of who we are, and to love one another for our own special qualities.

We have taught our kids what Down Syndrome is. We have also taught them to treat others how they want to be treated.

They have not, nor will ever be taught to value (or otherwise) anyone based on differences, race, color, or anything that is not of a pure heart.

Each human being, no matter how big or small is a valuable part of our world, and deserves to be loved for who they are.

Enrich our lives with love, peace, unity and compassion.

At the time, I thought I was satisfied. I thought I had had enough of your brilliance to fulfill my thirst. I was ready to move on.

Here I sit, months later, thinking of your beauty and reminiscing of the fairytale that surrounds you. How I miss your essence and grace.

I long to see your happiness strolling quaint streets, engulfed in your creativity.

The way you embraced me at the top of your highest tower, standing among white, luminous clouds. I gasped as I stepped closer to your edge of reason; afraid to soar.

You were an experience of a lifetime. One I’ll never forget. Some may think that I was dissatisfied with your reality, yet I was taken aback. I was overwhelmed, immersed in a whirlwind romance; one that had left strings around my heart.

Paris, my darling. For those that don’t understand your glory, I pity them. You’re a city of wonder and beauty, of history and tall tales, of lust and tears.

One day I will return. One day I will bask in your warmth again. For my days with you were bittersweet, yet I dearly miss the nostalgia.

Until we reconnect, I pray that your city strength remains tall, for your passion is what lives in my heart.

Some days you know you can conquer your dreams, while others leave you breathless with agony.

For the days filled with agony and sorrow of yesterday, remember who you are today.

A memory isn’t always to be remembered as it felt. To preserve your now, remember yesterday for who you were then.

When it hurts, breathe in peace; for you are stronger now. The scars of the past have faded and the strength that you are is immortal.

Your soul deserves purity of the heart. It sees more than your mind can accommodate. Refuse to be burdened with what is not of today. You have grown. You have changed.

You may not recognize yourself now. Forgive what you didn’t know then. Truth has released the pain you were buried beneath.

Life is simple, serene and full of amazement. See it for what it is; a place of temporary comfort, a place full of love and grace.

Keep your heart as you would want your children to see you ~ beautiful and gleaming, as a gift from above. Pure and free, as you want to feel.

Release the past for it does not deserve you now.

She longed to see his eyes. She missed the way his lips gently smiled when she came into his sight.

She had gotten used to his voice. The way he said her name. The way he looked deeply into her eyes.

His scent lingered throughout the space. She could feel him there.

Each year that passed she grew more wary of her future. For without him, she was lost.

She knew a day would come when she had to move forward, yet it was an unbearable feeling.

Her thoughts wandered about as if he was standing next to her. She could see him smiling as she told another story.

He was her biggest fan. She read books to him while he playfully listened. He was her soul.

“One day at a time”, she thought. “One day I’ll see you again. One day I’ll hold you as I used to. One day, I pray”.

As the trees regained the color, she could feel a sense of relief. His favorite season was upon her. She spent her days in the sun, remembering the joy they had together.

It was time for her to move on. She didn’t feel his presence any longer.

Her season of grief was fading. She could finally breathe again.

The day my world turned black, I felt something coursing within me.  Something I had never felt before, a spark per say.  I clutched my chest and fell to the floor.

When I awoken I saw a beautiful glow.  A faint crimson color brushing past my sight.  I knew my world had changed, yet I wasn’t sure how.

A shock was felt through my fingertips.  I could feel a burning sensation rushing through my arms.  My heart was lit.

I sensed a passion in my soul that had long since faded.  A love for something that never left my mind.  My life was about to change.

I leapt to the table to document the experience.  A shiver creeped down my spine as I knew that I was embarking on a glorious journey.

Long ago, I was someone ~ one of passion, desire, dreams and fire.  Throughout the years, I let my flame die.

No amount of neglect could keep this destiny out of my sight.  I was meant for more than I could imagine and I knew I had to rewrite my story.

I began to learn who I was; who I am.  With renewed stars in my eyes, I was able to see clearly the person I was created to be.

The spark I felt that day has never faded.  It reminds me that I have something valuable to offer, something worthy of this great world.

My mission is to create; to write a story that is uniquely my own and to share it with the world.  A powerful, majestic one of love, understanding and resilience.

Never before have I had such a vision as I do now.  My destiny is waiting on the other side of the door, waiting to be held.

Watch as I unfold chapter by chapter.. a tale that only I can write.

As the winds struck the cords of glass, she rose.

Blanketing her shoulders in precious wool, she grew breathless.

Christmas was approaching; a change of spirit.

Consumed by feelings of overwhelming joy, she set out for a winter’s night stroll.

A crystal star shooting across the navy sky, she gazed above.

Trees illuminated by moonlight and ice. One spectacular tree would shine brighter than the rest.

As she gracefully touched it’s branches, she felt an icy chill race down her spine.

A gleaming white light shone down upon the lovely balsam fir. She knew. Deep down, she knew.

The Christmas spirit had poured itself over her. She felt peace. She felt magic.