Some days you know you can conquer your dreams, while others leave you breathless with agony.

For the days filled with agony and sorrow of yesterday, remember who you are today.

A memory isn’t always to be remembered as it felt. To preserve your now, remember yesterday for who you were then.

When it hurts, breathe in peace; for you are stronger now. The scars of the past have faded and the strength that you are is immortal.

Your soul deserves purity of the heart. It sees more than your mind can accommodate. Refuse to be burdened with what is not of today. You have grown. You have changed.

You may not recognize yourself now. Forgive what you didn’t know then. Truth has released the pain you were buried beneath.

Life is simple, serene and full of amazement. See it for what it is; a place of temporary comfort, a place full of love and grace.

Keep your heart as you would want your children to see you ~ beautiful and gleaming, as a gift from above. Pure and free, as you want to feel.

Release the past for it does not deserve you now.

She longed to see his eyes. She missed the way his lips gently smiled when she came into his sight.

She had gotten used to his voice. The way he said her name. The way he looked deeply into her eyes.

His scent lingered throughout the space. She could feel him there.

Each year that passed she grew more wary of her future. For without him, she was lost.

She knew a day would come when she had to move forward, yet it was an unbearable feeling.

Her thoughts wandered about as if he was standing next to her. She could see him smiling as she told another story.

He was her biggest fan. She read books to him while he playfully listened. He was her soul.

“One day at a time”, she thought. “One day I’ll see you again. One day I’ll hold you as I used to. One day, I pray”.

As the trees regained the color, she could feel a sense of relief. His favorite season was upon her. She spent her days in the sun, remembering the joy they had together.

It was time for her to move on. She didn’t feel his presence any longer.

Her season of grief was fading. She could finally breathe again.

The day my world turned black, I felt something coursing within me.  Something I had never felt before, a spark per say.  I clutched my chest and fell to the floor.

When I awoken I saw a beautiful glow.  A faint crimson color brushing past my sight.  I knew my world had changed, yet I wasn’t sure how.

A shock was felt through my fingertips.  I could feel a burning sensation rushing through my arms.  My heart was lit.

I sensed a passion in my soul that had long since faded.  A love for something that never left my mind.  My life was about to change.

I leapt to the table to document the experience.  A shiver creeped down my spine as I knew that I was embarking on a glorious journey.

Long ago, I was someone ~ one of passion, desire, dreams and fire.  Throughout the years, I let my flame die.

No amount of neglect could keep this destiny out of my sight.  I was meant for more than I could imagine and I knew I had to rewrite my story.

I began to learn who I was; who I am.  With renewed stars in my eyes, I was able to see clearly the person I was created to be.

The spark I felt that day has never faded.  It reminds me that I have something valuable to offer, something worthy of this great world.

My mission is to create; to write a story that is uniquely my own and to share it with the world.  A powerful, majestic one of love, understanding and resilience.

Never before have I had such a vision as I do now.  My destiny is waiting on the other side of the door, waiting to be held.

Watch as I unfold chapter by chapter.. a tale that only I can write.

As the winds struck the cords of glass, she rose.

Blanketing her shoulders in precious wool, she grew breathless.

Christmas was approaching; a change of spirit.

Consumed by feelings of overwhelming joy, she set out for a winter’s night stroll.

A crystal star shooting across the navy sky, she gazed above.

Trees illuminated by moonlight and ice. One spectacular tree would shine brighter than the rest.

As she gracefully touched it’s branches, she felt an icy chill race down her spine.

A gleaming white light shone down upon the lovely balsam fir. She knew. Deep down, she knew.

The Christmas spirit had poured itself over her. She felt peace. She felt magic.

Clouded in the comfort of fibers surrounding her tired body, she lay still.

Her mind was flooded with tasks that seemed trivial at the moment.

She listened. Waiting patiently for a sign.

Her weakened soul had needed rest. Quiet, peace, and solitude.

The chilly air breezing across her skin reminded her that she was vibrantly alive.

The quiet room allowed her thoughts to drift back and forth.

She remained still, absorbed in her own time.

She knew that her body was speaking and she must listen.

Without interruption, she relished in the beauty of her own soul.


Far too many of us forget the importance of loving ourselves and listening to our inner voice.

We require little to survive and little to love outwardly, yet being aware of the needs within are our most valuable abilities.

Sit alone, in the quiet. Learn who you are and how beautiful your soul is to chat with.

Then, and only then, spread that inner love out among the world. Set free from the boundaries and expectations that are needlessly placed upon us.

Spread love like wildfire, beginning within first.

While walking with feet on the earth, she felt a tremble in her heart.  She was alone in the dark.  She could feel a presence around her.  It was encapsulating, full of fear.

She called out to the fog.  Desperately begging for peace.  Tears fled down her face as she took tiny steps forward.  She was ashamed of the fear that allowed her to sink within.

A moment later, she felt a piercing caress on her hand.  She gasped, unable to move.  A voice spoke quietly.  It called her name in a sinister tone.  She stood deathly still as the fog surrounded her body.  The voice screeched and dragged.  It wanted her fear to rise above all courage she’s ever felt.

Her soul leaped high above her sight,  into the fog.  She fell to the ground.  Feeling the tension that her heart was absorbing, a sudden flash crashed beside her broken body.

She felt a shock.  A wave of electricity.  A stream of white light blanketed her chest, removing the pressure of the fog.

As the night sky began to clear, she could see herself standing above her.  Words could not escape her lips.  She was in awe.

Gently she rose to her feet.  She was staring into her own eyes.  Her soul had fought a war in her mind; attempting to destroy her.  The battle was over.  The fog had disappeared.

As she took a step forward, she felt whole once again.  It had been years since she felt so complete.  She felt love.  She felt a beautiful light about her.  She was no longer living in her darkness.  She was set free.

The way the sand felt beneath my feet and the water flowing between my fingers, this must be paradise.

I felt a tremble of power rush through my core as I absorbed the sun’s intensity.

I’ve never felt so aligned before. As if the Universe is calling my name through the breeze.

The earth becomes one with my feet. The water encapsulates my body as I’m set free.

I feel a sense of purity taking its rightful place in my soul. Washing away all negativity that I held inside.

Free now, I smile into the heavens.. for I know you’re watching over me.. reminding me to keep moving forward.

When the oceans come crashing through your dreams, remember that I am watching over you.

When the doors you seek are locked from the other side, remember that I am watching over you.

When you’re courage fades into dust and breathing seems too hard, remember that I am watching over you.

When your light seems to dim beyond recognition, remember that I am watching over you.

When the road feels dark and bleak, remember that I am watching over you.

When you lose all faith that you’ll live to feel your dreams materialize, remember that I am watching over you.

When you wake in the morning to see another sunrise peeking through your window, remember that I always watch over you.

She wants to run away. She wants to forget all of the pain that is burning her soul to pieces. She wants nothing more than to forget. She can start over; she’s done so many times before. She is full of fear.. fear of the unknown, fear of the past, fear of hurting.

She begs the Universe to forgive her for her past regressions. She begs for mercy. She doesn’t know where to turn next. Her eyes flood with tears. She carries her past like a weight on her shoulders. No matter where she retreats to, her burden is dragging her down. She knows that an end must be near.

As she fears most, she can no longer run. She has planted herself in her present. She promised herself that she would not run away this time. A terrifying realization fills her heart. She has to start anew in the place that she belongs. She can’t run from her past, she must face the demons that haunt her.

She sits and waits. She knows that soon they will reappear. She makes peace with the Universe before going into her internal battle. As the darkness approaches, she swings the sword of faith. Shattering to the ground, she stands tall, taking her rightful place at the center of her life. She has defeated the darkness that has followed her throughout her years.

She sits in awe. She saved herself from what she has feared for so long. Herself.

A crisp breeze floats through my window as dew is still fresh on blades of grass outside.

I watch your chest rise and fall, eyes closed ever so peacefully.

Gently gliding my hand across your arm, you don’t realize the treasure that you are.

Black satin fabric wrestles in the wind as I see the sun crest over the tree tops.

I feel the future.  Peaceful and strong, fulfilling and free.

You will never know of my darkness for I have carefully placed it inside a glass box.

I wish to exude light.  To show you the world is a gloriously beautiful place.

Let me save you, as you have saved me.

Come to me.  Follow me through the days and nights.

Let us be whole again.  Let us be so full of love that no harm can be done.

We will shower the world with encouragement, one gracious heart at a time.

With you beside me, we will conquer our fears and save the night.

Come to me, my dear.

There is a beauty about you that is not like any other in this world.

There is a light that shines in your eyes that only I can see.

There is a truth in your tone that shows the pureness of your heart.

There is something about you that makes people fall in love with your presence.

There is a sweetness to the way you care for those around you.

There is so much about you that the world needs to experience.

You have a way of making me feel alive again.

You willingness to become a shelter for lost souls, even when you’re hurting.

Your tenderness.  Your beautiful smile.  Your old soul.

Did you know that I am grateful for you just being you?


It began in the darkest of times. An evening unpredictable and cold. A curiosity blossomed. There was no sudden infatuation, yet something sparked deep within.

You opened my book like pages familiar to your finger tips. As if you had seen each word before. You read my mind, caressed the sound of the paragraphs and formed a conclusion to which I did not write.

You took the pages as your own. Brimmed with a lust for the fantasy we would create. You brought me back to life. Your description of myself was unforeseen, unrealistic. A flurry of emotion flushed through my veins as I peeled open the cover.

A book. Framing the life I once lived. Allowing the world to see the impact you carried on my soul. Believing that you could save me from myself. With ink stained hands, I remember the way you made my heart soar. With a summer breeze, I float through the skies on pages boasting with laughter and love. And on fall leaves, I return to the Earth to be buried beneath the story I once believed.

My favorite story. A story of love, laughter and a quiet end. For which I will cherish through eternity.

The color of her blood stained the walls of her soul.

There was a beating in her head that was relentlessly trying to break her.

She has withstood storms, undefeated, battered and bruised.

Today will be the day that she walks through her clouds.

She was made of nightmares, dark and intense.

As she opens the door, she breaks the silence that burdens her voice.

She cries out that this life will not forsaken her any longer.

Deep beneath the surface, she finds her worth.

Unbreakable, she fills her mind with light.

She storms through her darkness empowered to become whole.

Her past will no longer hold her down.  She has risen.

From this day forth, she will save the broken.. for she has seen an unspeakable hell.

Her mind is tender, yet she has overcome her own story.


His eyes tell a story; of wonder and despair.  He is a soldier protecting your soul and a guardian of the night.  He feels your fear in his bones, yet he knows no end to the suffering you’ve bestowed.

He waits patiently for your command.  For his mission is to defend your honor, no matter the cost.   He knows no other life than the one he’s chosen.  He is the uniform that defends, protects and secures your future.

One day he’ll relive all the steps that made him this way.  It will be unforgiving and relentless; painful and ashamed.  He will be unable to regain his footing in a life so ordinary.  He has seen too much, felt too deep and hurt beyond repair.

He doesn’t seek understanding, yet desires compassion through your stares.  He can’t let you see his suffering, for he is stronger than he feels.  This life has beaten his core and bruised his mind.

What he doesn’t see is the beacon of light, purifier of freedom, and speaker for the mute that he has become for those unable to do so themselves.  He wears a coat of gratitude patched together by the hands that hold him up.  He is defended by the prayers sent to God to keep him safe; to lessen his burden.

His mind is delicate, its seen lives taken and brokenness darker than nightmares.

He is a son, a father, a brother.. yet most of all, a warrior.

We bear a cross of denial.  We are tarnished by its effects to the soul.   We diminish ourselves to be blinded by the naked eye so that others do not see our scars.

Fearfully living each day as though tomorrow’s promise beams brighter.  We are complex; ever-changing and damaged.  We strive for perfection through clouds of smoke.  Once upon a time, this was all just a distant memory.  Now, our reality.

The scorpion takes charge.  It strikes an unknowing victim; much like we live our lives in secret.  For if our truest self became relevant, we could no longer be the powerful lurking over our prey.

We gain our strength at other’s demise.  We position ourselves higher than necessary in order to portray perfection; all while disguised in shadows of brokenness.