a good collection of books can broaden any mind.

One day I heard a voice, a man standing at the foot of my bed. As tears ran down his face he pleaded for help. He is drowning.

I looked at him, knowing that no one else could see him. He was very much alive, yet his capacity to render safety in his own body had diminished. He was lost among a realm he didn’t recognize.

His soul had fled his body. Very much alive; he was scared, tattered and bruised.

As I looked at his face, I recognized who he was. A shell of someone who once walked among the stars, believed in the magic of his talent.

He felt peace. She felt like home. She was safe. A feeling he hadn’t experienced in what felt like centuries. She spoke to him.

I sat there, tears streaming down my face as the intensity of his emotions were felt in every fiber of my being. I didn’t know what he needed, yet I knew he was in front of me for a reason.

He began to sing. Softly and with despair, he sang. His words quivered in sadness. He isn’t who he once was.. and he knew she could feel that about him.

The song was meticulously written with her in mind. He heard her thoughts, he felt her pain. He knew she understood him.

He stayed. As months passed by, all they had were shadows of souls that seemed to gravitate to one another. She heard him call. She felt his presence. She knew when he needed her.

One day she heard this is for you as a song played on the radio. His words rang out, detailing their connectedness. Chills ran through her veins as she heard the words “The woman in my head” because she knew the song was about her.

For years she spoke to angels. She connected with loved ones past. Yet never had she connected to a living soul with such an intense bond. Never before had she been so afflicted by a living soul that she couldn’t shake. His presence remained felt. She continues to hear his thoughts, feel his pain and the emotion behind his voice. She sees him in her sleep and finds him standing in front of her when she opens her eyes. He appears in her dreams and rushes her with his need for understanding.

When he closes his eyes, she is there. She speaks to him in his darkest times. She heals his brokenness and softens his pain. She gets him in ways he doesn’t understand himself. She reminds him to keep breathing; to stay.

Through the time, she asks for guidance. A bit of insight to help her understand. What she hears astounds her. A soul bond. But why? Why her?

He knew. Long before she did. He knew she could hear him. He knew she could feel him. Feel his words, understand his silence, speak to him in a way no one else could.

He continued to return to her often. For one day they were destined to meet.

Soul bond. Their destinies intertwined.

The age of relevance has changed the way society views intelligence. Influence no longer exists within the realms of integrity, yet that of noise louder than common sense can think.

As a whole, much of the populous wonder what happened to the world they once knew. Unrecognizable and seemingly unfair, yet a world so changed in development that its a necessary evil to consume.

As an entrepreneur and mom, I often find myself perplexed in finding ways to implement tradition and ride the tide of change. I want my family to see the world as it’s intended force – peaceful, beautiful and wildly educational in every way. Yet as we turn on the television to see the layers upon layers of horror continually playing, I wonder why the focus of our lives has stirred among the dread.

A voice of stature, longing to be heard in it’s natural element, pressing to be seen as the beacon life it is, has been shattered to disrepair. Or has it?

I believe that our voice is our world and those who choose to speak love are the light among darkness. Beautiful and intelligent, changing the way life has altered our sense of confidence and pride. Reintegrating alignment and respect for others we once looked over. Bringing to the surface a longing of commitment that has been shoved aside in the wake of discontent and rift.

We are one; an earth that longs to be praised for it’s blessings. Surroundings demolished to hide the truth are being restored in remembrance of voices still speaking.

As we stand in solidarity among the rubble of tumultuous riddling, I feel that we are growing as a society, changing our tone from destruction to love.


Once there was a girl who lived and loved inside a fairy tale. She resided in this world of make believe and fables until the age of adulthood appeared. As for many of us, she took to her new reality willingly, yet with hesitation.

You see, she knew of a world like no other that she had ever seen on television, or heard among conversation. This world that she knew was one read in books, crinkled among the pages and bound in leather casing. She knew nothing more than the sights she saw with her bare eyes, yet felt compelled to enter a world in which she knew she didn’t fit.

Among the rising call to become mature, she began to live among the others. As time went on, she began to lose sight of the life she once dreamt. She no longer felt the tingle of passion within her.

Once encapsulated in beauty, a forest of tall trees and moss covered grounds, she blissfully played among her surroundings. She swirled among the stars that twinkled in her eyes. She sang with the winds that blew across the meadow.

Then she stood in a place she had never dreamt of before. A reality unlike any other, a world unrecognizable to her senses.

All of her life she spent inside the safety of her mind, hiding among the scenes of peace and basking in the light of the moon.

Now, she was beginning to see how the others lost faith; how they lost love; how they lost hope. They stopped dreaming. They stopped hoping. They stopped living. They stopped healing.

Her eyes grew tears of sorrow; she felt their pain. In that instant, she began to see that she was called to this place to enlighten a world felt powerless, a world felt loveless. She was to restore hope. To restore promise. To restore passion.

Gradually, she began to pick up the pieces of lost souls as she found them. She gently and lovingly helped the others feel whole once again.

Alchemist is what they called her. A soul of unspeakable power and peace. Gifted with magic unseen to the eye. Forever leaving traces of empathy, grace and humanity where she was.

Her soul began to understand what was happening. She healed a world bigger than she could see. She felt their smiles return and their hearts begin to shine.

Her duty would continue as the clocked ticked away, for she was a beacon of hope sent to hug a world she never knew existed.

Once there was a girl who knew of her strengths and hid behind her weakness. She knew how the tides were changed by the moon and that others didn’t see it’s brilliance.

One day she began to throw stones at the ones who shunned her passion for the moon. She flustered by their stares and spat at their indecency.

Her thoughts gravitated towards solidarity; for she was certain she’d live peacefully alone.

As her dreams sat still within the walls of her mind, she was perplexed of how to bring them to life. Long hours she sat writing, thinking.

She wrote of the ones who found humor in her depth.. oh how she buried her feelings behind walls of resentment.

As her quill drifted back and forth, she felt herself in each person she spoke ill of. She saw the unpleasantness peeking through them as a reflection of herself.

She was drawn to their demise to foreshadow her harbored distrust in her own being.

As her shadows began to surface, she felt sorrow. Her tears began to fall as she felt deeply into the undesirable pieces of her darkness.

A light cannot fully be present when hiding your shadow, yet the shadows belong in the love of your heart.

For one cannot love wholeheartedly without the consideration of all their beautifully shattered pieces.

She said to herself “You are not broken, my dear, you are merely falling in love with the shadows of your soul.”

There has never been a day that I would change as a mom of a special needs daughter. Not. One. Day. But (I know you’re thinking there shouldn’t be a BUT), when I look into her face and she’s visibly upset it hurts my heart.

Often times there are things we think nothing of such as acts of nature or people that are nothing to be concerned with that trigger a massive reaction from Ingrid. No matter how I try to calm her or help her to understand that she’s okay, nothing works. Sometimes I break. Her mom, the one she runs to for comfort and understanding, love and patience. So many times I want to help, yet after eight years sometimes I just don’t know how.

We live in the Midwest. A location where thunderstorms and tornadoes are common. Last summer a tornado went through our area (we weren’t affected by it) and took out power for many hours. We were incredibly fortunate as nothing was damaged or destroyed, yet the memories that Ingrid has left a devastating impact to her. With every dark cloud in the sky, we are asked repeatedly “Is it dark out?” or “Is it sunny and blue skies?” She patiently waits for an answer, intently seeking comfort in our response. She can read the truth in our eyes when we tell her that the weather is okay and nothing bad is going to happen, yet that usually isn’t enough. She fixates on the weather in fear of the next thunderstorm, lightening bolt or possible tornado.

As she ages, I recall the times in her life when we felt lost. I recall her first few days and weeks after arrival. We were warned of what life would be with Ingrid. How “difficult” things would be and how much help we’d need to make her “normal”. As her mom, the person who shunned away genetic testing during pregnancy (because I didn’t want to be coerced into anything I wasn’t comfortable with AND this baby was mine – however she was meant to be), I decided upon our first look at her that life would be perfect, amazing and we didn’t have anything to prove to anyone! I decided at that moment that she would be treated as any other child – with respect, love and loads upon loads of compassion & understanding – because she’s a child. Plain and simple. I knew that when she went to school she would be in a “regular classroom” because we wanted her included with her peers. She would be treated just as her brother and sister, taking into consideration any extra time and care she needed. I decided that her life wouldn’t be categorized as “special needs” because I wanted her to feel about herself how we felt about her – purely human.

Every day since, I have fought to make her feel normal. Has it been easy? No. But it’s been worth it. Ingrid may be different, sometimes quite difficult to handle, yet she flourishes in her own light and loves in her own way. She isn’t our miracle baby. She is our baby. Is she different than our other children? Yes. But not one of our children are the same. Their uniqueness and bold personalities make them beautiful assets to our family.

Every time I see her cry or upset about things we take for granted or don’t think much of, I crush a bit more inside. I cradle her and explain as best I can. Sometimes an explanation isn’t even necessary, just to sit in silence and comfort her. Sometimes after calming her restlessness or fear, I go off alone and cry. Am I failing her? Then I remember, no, I’m not – because she knows she’s loved beyond measure.

Ingrid isn’t just resilient, she is atomic. She can make you laugh with her outburst of song lyrics and instantly memorized dance routines. She can turn your day from inside out to magnificent with her tiny embrace. She is capable of the same life we all are – in her way and time. She isn’t bound by a diagnosis or restrictions of who she should be on paper. No, she decides each day because she lives in freedom to learn as everyone else, to be who she wants to be, how she wants to learn and to express herself freely. We don’t expect her to be understood by everyone, but we do expect that she delivers the same respect to others that others should deliver to her.

I look at her face and wonder what she’s thinking. Does she know how I feel about her? Is she aware of the joy she brings to us? Does she feel left out when her brother doesn’t want to play with her; simply because he’s her brother and sometimes just wants to play with his friends..? How does over-stimulation feel for her? Every day I’m in amazement of Ingrid. She creates a world of wonder just by being herself.

It’s funny now.. each time something monumental happens in Ingrid’s life, good or not, my dad suggests “You should write a book about her life”. I laugh and shrug off the idea. Then I began thinking.. how beneficial would it be to hear the story of a child with Down Syndrome being brought into the world by parents who refused to have “special needs play dates”, assume that inclusion wasn’t an option because of a diagnosis or that this child who is believed to be “at risk” of every disease, flu, germ, etc, is not vaccinated, yet incredibly healthy! (We control her health naturally – by her diet and building immunity naturally).

So, maybe a book is in our future. The story of a life of a child: A child who has impacted so many lives just by being present, being herself and loving life without limitations.

Her life will be what she decides.

When I became a mom, I decided that I wanted to stay home with the kids until school age. I created a bond with my children that is unlike any other. There is trust, respect, responsibility, love and so much more. Then, when I decided to become an entrepreneur, my why was the easiest part of the business preparation. I do it for my kids. To give them the life they deserve – a life of freedom, to be an example of work ethic balanced with a loving home, to show them that whatever they want they can achieve. Also, to leave a future intentionally laid out for them to build from.

Expectations have changed since having Ingrid. At first, we were prepared to adjust our desires to fit her diagnosis. Thankfully, we never discarded our family’s desires because there was never a reason to fully believe that our life had to be different than what we wanted. Ingrid added to our lives. In all her feistiness and feverish dramatic flair, she has added spunk and edge-of-your-seat antics daily.

It saddens me to see families brought to their knees by what they consider to be “broken” or “imperfect” children. Let me remind you of this (those who are listening).. you’re not perfect. None of us are. We are created exactly how we are meant to be. Sometimes those “imperfect” individuals are the ones who will change your life in the most amazing way, if you allow the walls of judgement to come down.

Society has enough on it’s plate. Our family’s intimate world will be of value to the rest of the world, including my child with Down Syndrome. She is incredible!

Here’s to Life with Ingrid. More stories to come, realities to bare and truths exposed.

She was vibrant, yet complacent. She was charismatic and confused. She fought demons in her sleep and she chased angels among the clouds each dawn. Her fairy tale isn’t the same as stories she heard in childhood, yet she believed in a life no one else could imagine. Her reality wasn’t that of this world for she was connected to a realm that was unseen to others. She thought herself to be alone. That no one would understand what she spoke of.

In a world where she could be anyone, she chose to be herself.

Through the layers of life we throw ourselves into a whirlwind, mostly unprepared, and begin to see things as a threat instead of a lesson.

Jumping from peaceful demeanor to fight or flight response, we train our minds to see life as hazardous instead of joyous. But why? Do you wonder if this trait has been passed from generation to generation? Do you see your own characteristics of stress resembled from those before you? Or, simply put, do you find it difficult to navigate life with a compass of happiness & adventure?

If any of these feel true to you, rest assured that you are not alone and you can quickly find peace.

I am a firm believer that our minds are the most powerful asset that we own. We can allow ourselves to be the most magical beings alive by carefully choosing our thoughts or be a slave to our minds, being tortured by the smallest incident of uncomfortable change. If you imagine life as being peaceful, feeling loved and safe in your mind-space and an overwhelm of gratitude for the successes you currently have, then you are properly cultivating a healthy thought process to grow on.

Throughout my life I was plagued with stress. I believed it to be inherited because I watched others experience stressful situations, have outbursts and feel physical pain as a result. I assumed this was a way of life that was natural, even when it didn’t feel that way.

I spent countless nights laying awake worrying about how I would pay my bills, how I would achieve the things I desperately wanted, or even how I would make tomorrow better than today when I felt I was living on auto-pilot. I was scared and unsure.

To say I never felt the “this is it.” would be an understatement. I may have been experiencing the symptoms of stress and overwhelm, and had allowed overthinking to become my excuse for not living life to my fullest potential, yet when I realized that our thoughts create SO much of our reality (or our reality as a whole), I was in awe. I knew there had to be more to life than this damn hamster wheel of stress, repeated actions, repeated thoughts, repeated duties! I was on a mission to change everything about who I am – to become the version of myself that I knew deep within, yet was too afraid to let shine.

Isn’t that the story we tell ourselves – that our most honest selves will be too much for others to handle, that our dreams are unbelievable and unattainable, that our successes should be buried as to not make others feel bad about themselves..? Yeah..? Well, stop that right now!

You are more than a negative thought. If you are striving to make a better life than the one you knew yesterday, you, my friend, should make no space in your mind for negativity, shame, your past, or overthinking ANYTHING!

To combat the overthinking (which drives you to stress and overwhelm), here are a few tips that will have you believing in yourself and change the way you think about life and all of the wonderful aspects to have:

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts as well as your self talk.
  2. Change your scenery.
  3. Meditate
  4. Write out your thoughts & feelings
  5. Acknowledge your success & blessings.
  6. Learn to relax into life.
  7. Have fun!

You may remember this story, but a few years ago I was having a terrible pain in my chest. Terrible. I had gone to my doctor, had tests done with no results – nothing was wrong. I racked my brain trying to understand why I had such intense pain.. and nothing was wrong. It made no sense. I followed up with a friend who is a chiropractor. During the adjustment she recommended I visit an acupuncturist. I made an appointment straight away. At this appointment, I was asked “What do you do for fun?” I was speechless. I had no answer. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of the last time I had fun. Ashamed, being a young mom in a loving marriage, I couldn’t remember the last time I had fun. I had made myself so overwhelmed with thoughts of “what if” that I lost all enjoyment in life. Sure, I enjoyed my family, yet I was consumed with fearing the worst in every situation, that I rarely enjoyed that.

As I got older and life brought more responsibility, I began to worry about everything – from finances, relationships, friends, travel, my job, health – you name it, I invested a lot of overthinking into it. Literally.

My mind began to race when the idea of fun came into play. Not only did I not remember what I did for fun, I was determined to find an answer. Along the ride, I began to see things so much differently. I started to see the world as opportunity rather than fearful. The process was by no means immediate, or even quick. It took years for me to release all of the burden of overthinking. Yet as I released more and more, layer by layer, I began to breathe again. I began to see life as enjoyable and memorable. I was afraid of less; not because I was fearless, but because I had faith in my purpose, knowledge in what I could control (and what I couldn’t) and I began to trust.

I understood that overthinking was killing any happiness that I had cultivated through my life. Any enjoyable opportunity was being stripped of it’s fun to become a scenario of distrust and harm – in my mind. That had to end now!

As I peeled back the layers of beliefs I told myself throughout the years, I saw purpose without fear. A refreshing feeling after hiding for longer than I can remember.

How about you? Does overthinking leave space for happiness in your life? If you want to say ‘yes’, let’s revisit this thought and remember that overthinking, overwhelm & stress do nothing more than steal the joy out of your life, create unhealthy habits and release a whirlwind of negative thoughts in your mind.

You’re better than any negative thought. You are powerful. All you have to do is claim it and decide to make freedom your new life.

When I heard this for the first time, immediately, I said No. I am not ready for that.

Relentlessly, they kept saying the same thing. Knowing the connection and their love for me, I realized there was something I needed to face in this vulnerability.

Do you follow the truth of who you are, who you know yourself to be? Or do you sit back in a manner of security to remain sanctioned in your private cell? Guarding yourself from judgement you remain silent.

The words haunted me. I knew of their importance and their need to be acknowledged, yet I feared the worst. Something that lead me to feel hypocritical in my own skin. Being a teacher, a mentor, someone who teaches others to be righteous in their soulful purpose in this life, I am hiding behind fear of condemnation.

“Who am I to be so bold?”, I thought. Then I hear this.. “Claim your power. The world is at the mercy of broken hearts waiting for someone to teach them how to heal. They don’t know of you until you tell them. Tell them who you really are.”

I sat with this for several days. Incredibly uncomfortable and unsure of how to take the step in this direction, everything pointed to taking the leap, of having faith and letting go.

With their guidance, I allowed myself the time and space to feel into my own power and share my knowledge with the world.

Let me be clear of what and who I speak of.. I am a Spiritual Medium. My gift wasn’t always part of my life, yet I knew I was different. I knew things, I felt the emotions of others, I understood things I had no previous knowledge of. I was curious, needing to know more – the taboo aspects of life from growing up in a christian home. This was never to be who I am, or what I do for a career.

About three years ago my life was in turmoil. Much of my emotional stability had fallen to pieces and I was desperate to know why. Blame, resentment, anger, loneliness and pain surfaced. Negative emotions ran rampant through my mind for longer than I can remember. I felt that I was out of place in my own life. Almost everything began to lose their sense of meaning, of purpose.

Someone mentioned that quite possibly I was moving through an identity crisis after setting aside my ambitious nature to embrace motherhood. That seemed rational, yet didn’t feel like the right answer.

A wife and mom, an entrepreneur and actively involved in our kids’ lives – and unsure what my tomorrow would look like. Around this time, I turned to meditation, in an attempt to understand who I was becoming and this part of me that I was losing.

Rather quickly my meditative practice became something I never expected. I was in-touch with a part of my subconscious that I never knew existed. I was no longer living on a surface level of life. A deepness that I was sure was hidden far within my soul had began to surface.

I sat in my bed, soaked with tears as I tried to make sense of who I really was.

I had fallen to my own depths.

Completely misunderstood in my own world.

I became aware of my inner strength. A spiritual connection that held the answers I had been seeking for years. My tattered, bruised and broken heart began to heal. I began to feel powerful, with purpose. I began to let go of the hardened exterior I hid behind.

The edges of my existence softened. As I healed, I vowed to myself that if I could heal myself through the knowledge I had dove into, the mentors I had confided in, and the new standard I held myself to – I was going to help others do the same.

I saw the world differently. My eyes had brightened to notice beauty in a reflective manor, a way of seeing the little wonders of life in such splendor and excellence. The brilliance of a morning sun and the magnificence of the moon, I reveled in their beauty. In-touch with elements of nature that I had shunned once upon a time, a new me had been born.

One habit that hadn’t changed was my passion for writing. I journal every day. I wrote of the messages I received in my meditations, I wrote of the people I connected with, and on occasion, I would allow those people to channel through me to write in my journal. This became a more frequent occurrence once I understood how to do so properly.

Oddly enough, at this point I was still unsure of what this “gift” was called. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure this wasn’t something everyone could “tap into” or learn. I began seeking out others who spoke openly about spirituality and “gifts”. I began researching how-to’s and what not to do. I began practicing and consulting others. Quickly, I knew it was time to step into my power.

In a short time, connecting to Spirit became what I did. Meditating became my release, my power, my stability.

Understanding the power of stillness and quieting the mind became the healing power within my soul that I craved. Living in a hectic, noisy world took away from an aesthetic that no longer brought a smile to my face. I craved solitude, simplicity and subtle beauty. I craved understanding, learning, helping and changing above all else.

The person I had spent all of my life emulating was a shell of a person that never existed; a falsehood of my true existence. I was much more than I allowed myself to be. I am powerful. I am a leader. I am all that I envision, plus more.

From the moment I decided to step into my power and accept who I am with full vulnerability, I began to live fully, peacefully and helping others live the most meaningful life they could ever imagine.

“You already are all that you desire” – one of the first downloads I received in meditation, as I was begging for transformation, a means to become someone else to be happy. Now I know why.. because I already am all that I desire.

It was killing me to hate myself for not living up to someone else’s expectations; I had to lose myself to appreciate my truth.

In my journey, I learned to love myself, the bits and pieces of grief, the shadows, the light and the power I carry within my soul, a healing nature of someone who has embraced her identity wholeheartedly.

This is my story. A chapter that I needed to tell. A part of my being that has the capability to change the dynamic of our society by healing hearts in acceptance, self love and inner peace.

I look back on the time that has passed and wonder where I went wrong. Why had I allowed myself to fall to the trap of not keeping with what lights up my soul. If I know what makes me feel amazing and full of life, why wouldn’t I embrace that part of myself each day?

I’ll tell you why.. as you work through the layers that make you the person you have spent years being, you fight shadows of who you once were that never fully disappear. There is nothing wrong with the thoughts that come and go through your mind, you’re not taking steps in the opposite direction – you are merely fighting a battle that hasn’t ceased to be.

Many times in our journey to evolve, we believe that once we face our shadows, or demons, that this part of our being will fade away as we move forward to another layer to peel back. To be honest, that isn’t the case for most people. The parts of ourselves that we spent the majority of our life hiding behind, using them as a crutch to navigate life, isn’t always the most purposeful or appropriate traits of being. What they are are a novel of chapters that have yet to be edited or refined to become the best story ever told in our native voice. A story that has light peeking through the lines, yet no real indication of who you are deep within your core.

Are you okay with that? With mediocre, stagnant. I don’t believe you are. If you are reading this it’s most likely because you have followed the path of intuition and are searching for insight of how to become more. More of who you envision yourself to be, more of the beating heart in your story, the main attraction; not the understudy.

When you were created, however you see that as, you were not created to live by means of sadness or deteriorating passion. On the contrary, you were created to step into your role as the most magnificent creation ever made.

As I type this, I am reminded of thoughts that crept into my mind a few days ago. Old patterns that don’t serve a purpose for me. Old thoughts that I would once-upon-a-time have listened to and believed they were for my betterment, not giving full credit to the detrimental affect of calling them into action. I recognize this now. I can see where I have changed, evolved, and ask myself why. When I feel these thoughts, emotions, or even actions, attempting to rise to the surface, I know the importance of acknowledging them and asking myself what needs my attention at the present moment.

You see, as we evolve, we aren’t subjecting ourselves to forever being free of challenge. Rather, we are accepting who we once were, who we are today and responding as who we are in our future. The thoughts you possess today are not the same as the thoughts of yesterday, or tomorrow. Your spirit isn’t free of turmoil; how you respond emotionally, physically and spiritually are your brilliance.

Deciding to become who you see yourself as – for the external world to see – is the most empowering change you will ever make. This change can bring about fears, failures and objections that you didn’t expect. Understand that those are just limitations placed by your ego to keep you safe. Remaining comfortable for the sake of fearing change is the biggest mistake you will ever make. Fate has a way of making you uncomfortable so that you get out of your own way. A common occurrence for someone who willingly faces challenge in the eye. Those are the people that don’t fret in the eye of a storm, yet stand tall and walk ahead.

Believe it or not, that person is you. That person lives inside each one of us. Do you dare embody the person you fear most – the version of yourself that breaks all barriers and lives outside of your own beliefs and limitations? Say it to aloud. Because that is you. That is me. This is the voice inside you. Leading you to the direction you fear most. The path of abundant desires, limitless potential and endless adventure. Joy, happiness, wealth and prosperity are meant for all of us. There is no limit to your creative mind.

When I began to live without the fears and boundaries that held me tight for so long, I began to see my potential in a new light. I began to see the world as my playground, free and easy. Because that is how life is meant to feel – free. When you decide to live by your heart’s desires you begin to breathe new life into your soul.

I hope you leave space for yourself to become, space for you to be more of what you desire and time to take the steps forward in making that possible for you.

Often I wonder what would’ve happened if I had quit before I knew what I could accomplish. I was a beginner, a woman with major ambition and a drive that fizzled out before the good stuff really got good.

I thought twice. I second guessed everything.

I was that person, and if we’re being totally honest, I still am at times. I’m an over-thinker. I find reasons not to do what I know will be scary and sometimes risky in business. I’ve created excuses and rearranged priorities that perfectly aligned with procrastination.

I knew it was time to do something different. Something big. I invested in myself. Not in a mediocre context, yet with a mentor who has a reputation for being a no BS, ultra down-to-earth, amazing woman who’s created millions in business with a supreme strategy and that instantly gave me butterflies. I knew that working with her would be the kick-in-the-rear I needed to get my mind straight for massive success.

This commitment required me to be brutally honest with myself and my mentor. Deep down I knew I had what I needed to be successful, yet I also knew that I was scared and that being scared lead me down a path of denial and judgement. One of the first questions I was asked was regarding my weaknesses. I knew exactly what that was at the time.. Accountability.

If you were asked this today, how would you answer? Being completely (and brutally) honest about your weaknesses is something many people don’t want to think about. Yet that is exactly what needs done.

Upon beginning my career as a Relationship Specialist, I needed to get down to the realness of what it takes to make myself, my business, and all aspects of my life, making dreams reality. I had to stop fighting against myself in a way that I had never done. I had to stop listening to the fight or flight drive and begin listening to my soul – the part of me that knew I could do anything I decided to do.

I began to believe in myself. I began to think differently. I became stronger. I began to make myself proud, even in the small actions.

I won’t sit here and say that overnight I was able to make all of my desires reality. That would be false. True success is more than overnight accomplishments. Actions, words, realizations, falsehoods, truths, trust, insight, connections, meaning.. and a whole ton more played a part in my growth.

And the growing never ends.

So, when things get tough and you aren’t sure you have what it takes to keep climbing the mountain towards your desires, leadership and more… keep climbing and stop second guessing yourself. You absolutely have what it takes to be who or whatever you want.

Leave doubt at the door and step into your power!


You’ve heard the terms “too stubborn for her own good”, “too stubborn to see what’s right in-front of you”. Comments such as these can be perceived in a multitude of ways. How you choose to hear them are up to you.

In business, being stubborn or hard-headed can be a good thing, if its in the context of advancement (and not taking ‘no’ for an answer) or standing up for what’s right. In the case that it isn’t meant as a compliment to your hard work and tough exterior, things tend to get a bit swayed.

As you know, relationships are the connections of life. There isn’t an interaction or conversation that doesn’t begin or end in some sort of relationship. Having a stubborn side to your technique can lead to betterment or detriment. Depending on the level of boldness you choose in any given relationship/conversation.

I was thinking of this earlier today when interacting with my husband regarding my upcoming birthday. I responded with a bit of discontent around his plans for my day. In hindsight, I realized that this was a horrendous way in which to respond to anyone about any topic of discussion. Instead of being appreciative for the thought given, I communicated the opposite.

Similar acts are portrayed in leadership, or any influential role. Are we acting stubborn for egotistical reasons or that of a wholesome standpoint? Are we doing so because of a greater good, or that of self-pity?

In the workplace, whatever that looks like for you, how do you show your power, position or authority? Do the connections of those around you have a bearing on your decision-making or simply that of your own accord?

I find this topic to be one of needed conversation, as sometimes its difficult to see the persona portrayed from the inside of any situation, until deemed necessary to exit the situation and see it from another point of view.

So, how about you.. do you find your stubbornness to be a healthy asset to your success or a hindrance to the platonic (or romantic) connections that you are faced with?

Let’s discuss this, shall we?

When the overwhelm sets in and I begin to feel like I’ve been slamming my head, figuratively speaking, of course, I can’t help but feel like it isn’t supposed to be this hard.

Do you have these days too? Of course you do. You’re human.

I, also, know the other side of this equation – that if fulfilling my deepest desires and chasing dreams were easy, everyone would do it. I get it! But, really, when I begin to feel ‘in my zone’ something else comes up leaving me to realize that my zone isn’t at all how I want to feel for my dreams to be achieved.

When accepting my role as a leader in this world, I did so gracefully and with compassion for those who may have difficulty seeing the world through my vision. I did so knowing that bumps are inevitable and ‘the good days’ are more often than not. I did so because my heart led me into this journey and I trust with complete certainty that I am following my purpose. And, frankly, I’d do it all over again. But some days don’t need to feel so over-complicated as they are seeming to feel at times.

Building a dream life is idealistic to some. It may seem unreasonable to think that I can have an extraordinary life, being someone who grew up in a middle-class family in a small town, yet I see it differently. Why can’t I?! Why shouldn’t I?!

I am passionate about what I want from this life. I am insanely glued to my goals. Not because I have something to prove to anyone, but because I want more, incredible, adventurous, amazing, unforgettable, fun and, most of all because I want to show the world what’s possible when you refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer. I made a promise to myself and that promise is non-negotiable.

I may sometimes take the hardest road traveled to get to my destination, but I take the bruises in stride, learn how to do it better next time and get my ass moving to a better view ahead.

This isn’t a post seeking validation or a pat on the back to say “you’re doing an amazing job”, no. As I do appreciate kind words, this is about looking fear, procrastination and complication in the face and telling it to MOVE! I have things to do and will not accept anything less than positive progress to get me farther than I am today. Little steps, maybe, but those little steps lead to big bold moves and that’s what will catapult me into the position I am made for.

So, tell me about you.. what have you been fearing, putting off, over-complicating that just doesn’t seem to want to work out for you? We all have that thing. It’s the way you handle that thing that leads you fast and happy or slow and painful.

Which do you choose?

The over-complicated versions of life aren’t restricted to leadership. They come in every avenue you may choose to venture. Relationships can hold some of the most tangled complications of them all. How you accept, reject and thrive within them are the key elements to cultivating meaningful soul connections.

Don’t let the bumps bring you down. It may sound easy, but fighting for the dreams in your head will create more happiness in the future than giving up. (taking my own advice here!)

I began living a life I had always dreamt of after I woke up one day and thought “is this it?”

There was a calling, an inner voice, saying that I was meant to do great things, yet I was too scared to break the ice into a new reality.

My journey began a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. My mission has evolved and become one that I knew was my calling.

The journey to the top has been one of trial and error, yet one that has forced me to grow, become uncomfortable and accept change, even the unknown. At moments, it all seemed incredibly scary, yet I knew that by pushing through, asking questions and making what I crave for my future to be the driving force of all I do, it would be worth it. And it has been!

Of course, change can be intimidating, but wondering what if for the rest of my life was even scarier.

Success comes with its own series of unexpected events, and sometimes they are not easy. Okay, lets be honest, we’re all leaders here.. making a name for yourself isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it! There were times when throwing it all away seemed like the best idea, and it would have been easy, yet what I envision for my future was far more compelling to keep going.

What about you? As a leader, I know times can become more strenuous than you’d like to recall and not everyone understands why you do, sacrifice or choose the life you have. It probably seems inorganic to sacrifice your time, what can feel like your sanity, or even relationships in order to create a dream into existence. So many people just want to be comfortable living and being content. But that’s not you. It’s not me either. Which is what brought me here.

Like you, once I knew what I wanted, deserved and had the capability of creating, I never looked back. Through the tough times, late nights, early mornings and obscene obstacles, giving up was never really an option. The hard work is temporary in exchange for a lifetime of adventure, happiness, giving back and satisfaction of a legacy you’ve created.

I get it. Really, I do.

I also know the other side of this life. The side that feels lonely and unattached to anything remotely comfortable. That feeling that says “nobody understands who you are now”. The person you’ve had to transform into to become who you see yourself as for your future. Trust me when I say, you aren’t the only one who’s felt this way. Also, know that there is no reason you should go farther alone. I call this Lonely Achievers Syndrome ™.

Our lives are surrounded by relationships; romantic and platonic. There isn’t an aspect of life that doesn’t thrive within a relationship. Some may be more meaningful or feel ‘better’, but all relationships command respect FROM you FOR you.

Let’s put this into perspective for a moment.. if a relationship is more draining or emotionally charged in a not-so-fun way, it’s time to rethink its purpose and necessity within your life.

On the other hand, if an established connection is fulfilling and leaves you feeling elated, its likely that this connection has long-term potential. The relationships that we choose to surround ourselves with are the equivalent of the happiness we have for ourselves, within ourselves. All of which are essential to the success you’re creating.

All facets of our lives are intertwined into one giant ball of success, or otherwise. If you’re struggling to rekindle the connections that you once had to fill a void in your life, one that you may not have shared with anyone because of its intimate capacity, don’t fret! Relationships that are cultivated in honesty, respect and mutual vision can be the most fulfilling relationships of your life; romantic and platonic!

This is where I come in. I have made it my mission to share my knowledge and training of how to build success and personal happiness all at the same time.

If this resonates with you, it’s time for us to chat.

Much love, Jessi

(*Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, therefore, I am not advising any or all relationships to end. This conversation is for the purpose of education only.)

There is never a better way to depict your progress more effectively than how you deal with challenge.

When involved in a situation that didn’t provide a desired outcome, we must ask ourselves why.

  • What could I have done differently to change the outcome?
  • How could I have handled myself better in the situation?
  • Did I offer my thoughts in a positive manner to be received as such?
  • If not, how could I have worded my thoughts to better articulate myself to invoke a more positive outcome?

We aren’t able to change another person’s perception of a situation, and more often than not, we are unaware of their internal circumstance. That said, its safest to err on the side of caution in handling any situation; even in intimate connections. External dynamics tend to hold relevance in mind space, even if irrelevant to the current conversation/situation.

Recently, a conversation was had within our family regarding the importance of how we speak to one another and others. Its important to remember that tone, emotion and volume play a major role in how others receive your message, as well as how they react. Choose your words wisely, and how you want the other person to feel once they are received. Intention to verbally hurt anyone is never an answer; try conveying your message with a pure heart to ease any message into receiving mode. Be aware of your intention and be sure to only speak how you would want to be spoken to.

As I teach others that thoughts become reality and how to train the mind to create positivity from all situations, it is very evident that one can not be taught if they allow ego to decide their thoughts for them.

Collectively, we have the mindpower to change the world – to create peace, love, understanding, compassion and positivity just by how we handle ourselves, yet we can not make anyone do anything they are not able to comprehend in their current state.

Allow yourself to find a learning experience in every opportunity; a lesson to grow on and pass forward given any chance; and to remain in the positive state that you envision for yourself and the future.


We’ve all experienced a time when we allow our walls to become shallow for the purpose of “allowing” others in. Yet what most don’t realize is how draining that can be to our energetic vibration.

You may feel something a bit different, something may seem a little off, yet you can’t put your finger on exactly what is happening, or why. No worries – its a learned process I believe.

For instance, imagine yourself filled to the brim with excitement for something you want and your excitement is bursting at the seams to be shared with those around you. So, what do you do? You share the sparkly details of your desires with others. Depending on who you share your story with, you may encounter looks of disbelief or comments of “Uh huh”, all of which feel more like someone tossing rocks at your glass windows than welcoming with connected excitement. As the conversation (and your peaked excitement) dwindle, you notice yourself feeling less enthusiastic than you did before sharing your news.

This is normal and certainly not something to be ashamed of. You are a dreamer. You have visions that others can’t comprehend. You have opened your doorway to an enlightened version of yourself that others may not understand.. and that is perfectly OK!

Think of it this way.. if you were to sit down today and write a book of all of the thoughts that you’ve had of who you always imagined you’d become from childhood through your life to now, unapologetically raw. Would you tell your whole story, or just the parts that seem worthy to those around you?

There are two ways to look at this: 1 – You could write your story, whole and true without care of what others may think of how you envision your life unfolding. Or 2- You could take the safe option and tell the story of what you think your readers can handle based on their perception of life for you.

Every person in your life is at a different level of connection. Not one the same. When relaying messages of vision, emotion, deepened connections to self or anything that may seem below surface level you need to remember that the person (people) you’re telling your story to can only understand you from their own level of comprehension. Lesson being, don’t worry about the weird looks or comments from those who don’t understand – you’re not living this life for anyone else! You’re living for you!!

When you fill your mind, body and soul with the excitement of your desires; when you can feel the surge of jitters in your belly and the thoughts seem to be slightly obsessive to you , don’t worry! You are tapping into a part of you that is more powerful than you realize. You are allowing those dreams and desires to become part of who you are, sending a message into the Universe, making it aware of your vision and desires. This gives the Universe a nudge to show up for you! Allowing the feelings to flow freely within you tells the Universe that you can and are ready for a new level of life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an over-sharer. When I get a new idea or something exciting is happening, I want to share it with everyone. Most often I over-share. Then, when encountered with others who don’t share my enthusiasm, I, like many others, feel a bit deflated. I would wonder why the other person wasn’t as excited as I was, or why they didn’t seem to care at all about what I was saying. It wasn’t until I understood that everyone isn’t always on the same level of dreamland, passion, connection and desire that others that I began to understand that maybe I’m different… (in a good way, of course!)

As I grew older, I began keeping my desires to myself, not because I wasn’t excited, but because I wasn’t sure how or who I could share them with, who would feel the excitement I had for the unusual, the extraordinary. I began to create a place for my dreams to live without making them “public”. Let me say, this wasn’t an easy task for me because I used to be the over-sharer. But I understood that my energetic vibration was important and that I wanted to harness that excitement that was brewing in my belly to live long and strong until my dreams became my reality. I was going to continue to believe in my power to create no matter the reactions from others. I was going to be who I am meant to be regardless of what anyone thought I should be.

An important aspect of dreaming is protecting. Protect your energy, that tingling excitement that lives inside you. Protect it. Protect the level of excitement that carries you from day to day to grow and achieve. Don’t diminish yourself in order for others to feel large in your presence.

This is a lesson for everyone. When you are passionate about something, believe in yourself. Protect that vision. Of course its beautiful to share your vision with others, yet it isn’t always necessary. You don’t need validation of who you are or where your life is going. You are the source that matters. You are the energy that is to root of all good in your life. Your desires and dreams are yours to believe in. Believe in yourself, do your thing, then allow the rest of the world marvel at your progress.

You can do anything you can imagine. Understand that your mind is incredibly powerful and that your desires are magnificent!