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The rock that holds you steady.

By Jessi Risley | June 8, 2021 |

It’s not often I speak about my personal relationships on social media, other than a random photo here and there. But I wanted to share something with you that reminded me of why I do what I do, as well as the importance of a loving, understanding relationship. As you know I’m married with 3…

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Overthinking Antidote

By Jessi Risley | May 11, 2021 |

Through the layers of life we throw ourselves into a whirlwind, mostly unprepared, and begin to see things as a threat instead of a lesson. Jumping from peaceful demeanor to fight or flight response, we train our minds to see life as hazardous instead of joyous. But why? Do you wonder if this trait has…

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Tell them who you are.

By Jessi Risley | April 27, 2021 |

When I heard this for the first time, immediately, I said No. I am not ready for that. Relentlessly, they kept saying the same thing. Knowing the connection and their love for me, I realized there was something I needed to face in this vulnerability. Do you follow the truth of who you are, who…

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The Embodiment of Self.

By Jessi Risley | March 5, 2021 |

I look back on the time that has passed and wonder where I went wrong. Why had I allowed myself to fall to the trap of not keeping with what lights up my soul. If I know what makes me feel amazing and full of life, why wouldn’t I embrace that part of myself each…

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When you think twice..

By Jessi Risley | November 17, 2020 |

Often I wonder what would’ve happened if I had quit before I knew what I could accomplish. I was a beginner, a woman with major ambition and a drive that fizzled out before the good stuff really got good. I thought twice. I second guessed everything. I was that person, and if we’re being totally…

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Too stubborn to know.

By Jessi Risley | October 26, 2020 |

You’ve heard the terms “too stubborn for her own good”, “too stubborn to see what’s right in-front of you”. Comments such as these can be perceived in a multitude of ways. How you choose to hear them are up to you. In business, being stubborn or hard-headed can be a good thing, if its in…

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Running in circles

By Jessi Risley | October 21, 2020 |

When the overwhelm sets in and I begin to feel like I’ve been slamming my head, figuratively speaking, of course, I can’t help but feel like it isn’t supposed to be this hard. Do you have these days too? Of course you do. You’re human. I, also, know the other side of this equation –…

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Grace & Nobility

By Jessi Risley | October 12, 2020 |

I began living a life I had always dreamt of after I woke up one day and thought “is this it?” There was a calling, an inner voice, saying that I was meant to do great things, yet I was too scared to break the ice into a new reality. My journey began a few…

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If you want a better result, try this!

By Jessi Risley | September 6, 2020 |

There is never a better way to depict your progress more effectively than how you deal with challenge. When involved in a situation that didn’t provide a desired outcome, we must ask ourselves why. What could I have done differently to change the outcome? How could I have handled myself better in the situation? Did…

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Protect Your Energy!

By Jessi Risley | August 19, 2020 |

We’ve all experienced a time when we allow our walls to become shallow for the purpose of “allowing” others in. Yet what most don’t realize is how draining that can be to our energetic vibration. You may feel something a bit different, something may seem a little off, yet you can’t put your finger on…

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