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We’ve all experienced a time when we allow our walls to become shallow for the purpose of “allowing” others in. Yet what most don’t realize is how draining that can be to our energetic vibration.

You may feel something a bit different, something may seem a little off, yet you can’t put your finger on exactly what is happening, or why. No worries – its a learned process I believe.

For instance, imagine yourself filled to the brim with excitement for something you want and your excitement is bursting at the seams to be shared with those around you. So, what do you do? You share the sparkly details of your desires with others. Depending on who you share your story with, you may encounter looks of disbelief or comments of “Uh huh”, all of which feel more like someone tossing rocks at your glass windows than welcoming with connected excitement. As the conversation (and your peaked excitement) dwindle, you notice yourself feeling less enthusiastic than you did before sharing your news.

This is normal and certainly not something to be ashamed of. You are a dreamer. You have visions that others can’t comprehend. You have opened your doorway to an enlightened version of yourself that others may not understand.. and that is perfectly OK!

Think of it this way.. if you were to sit down today and write a book of all of the thoughts that you’ve had of who you always imagined you’d become from childhood through your life to now, unapologetically raw. Would you tell your whole story, or just the parts that seem worthy to those around you?

There are two ways to look at this: 1 – You could write your story, whole and true without care of what others may think of how you envision your life unfolding. Or 2- You could take the safe option and tell the story of what you think your readers can handle based on their perception of life for you.

Every person in your life is at a different level of connection. Not one the same. When relaying messages of vision, emotion, deepened connections to self or anything that may seem below surface level you need to remember that the person (people) you’re telling your story to can only understand you from their own level of comprehension. Lesson being, don’t worry about the weird looks or comments from those who don’t understand – you’re not living this life for anyone else! You’re living for you!!

When you fill your mind, body and soul with the excitement of your desires; when you can feel the surge of jitters in your belly and the thoughts seem to be slightly obsessive to you , don’t worry! You are tapping into a part of you that is more powerful than you realize. You are allowing those dreams and desires to become part of who you are, sending a message into the Universe, making it aware of your vision and desires. This gives the Universe a nudge to show up for you! Allowing the feelings to flow freely within you tells the Universe that you can and are ready for a new level of life.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an over-sharer. When I get a new idea or something exciting is happening, I want to share it with everyone. Most often I over-share. Then, when encountered with others who don’t share my enthusiasm, I, like many others, feel a bit deflated. I would wonder why the other person wasn’t as excited as I was, or why they didn’t seem to care at all about what I was saying. It wasn’t until I understood that everyone isn’t always on the same level of dreamland, passion, connection and desire that others that I began to understand that maybe I’m different… (in a good way, of course!)

As I grew older, I began keeping my desires to myself, not because I wasn’t excited, but because I wasn’t sure how or who I could share them with, who would feel the excitement I had for the unusual, the extraordinary. I began to create a place for my dreams to live without making them “public”. Let me say, this wasn’t an easy task for me because I used to be the over-sharer. But I understood that my energetic vibration was important and that I wanted to harness that excitement that was brewing in my belly to live long and strong until my dreams became my reality. I was going to continue to believe in my power to create no matter the reactions from others. I was going to be who I am meant to be regardless of what anyone thought I should be.

An important aspect of dreaming is protecting. Protect your energy, that tingling excitement that lives inside you. Protect it. Protect the level of excitement that carries you from day to day to grow and achieve. Don’t diminish yourself in order for others to feel large in your presence.

This is a lesson for everyone. When you are passionate about something, believe in yourself. Protect that vision. Of course its beautiful to share your vision with others, yet it isn’t always necessary. You don’t need validation of who you are or where your life is going. You are the source that matters. You are the energy that is to root of all good in your life. Your desires and dreams are yours to believe in. Believe in yourself, do your thing, then allow the rest of the world marvel at your progress.

You can do anything you can imagine. Understand that your mind is incredibly powerful and that your desires are magnificent!

In a waking moment, your eyes see a world different than your last blink.

In a waking moment, your worst nightmares have come to life.

A country build on resilience, patriotism and brilliance has plunged itself into the deepest depths of despair.

A country deemed a nation of promise, hope and undying freedom has fallen from the cliffs of identity crisis.

Who are those people brimming of history and knowledge? Who are the ones cherishing the lessons learned from our past? Who are those chipping away at the next generations?

One nation under God – the beauty that resonates across the world as a nation of growth and acceptance.

Where your beliefs are now your faults; crucified for being different.

Sadly, we are not learning from our past, or the tragedies of others, yet we have created a divide who’s sutures have disintegrated.

Our hope has faded and the deception vast.

A moment of silence for a nation so broad in its stance to destroy from within. Such disgrace to a nation, its citizens and a looming disastrous future.

When you open your eyes, do you feel love in your heart?

When you open your eyes, do you feel promise for the generations growing in the world you’ve created?

When you sit down for tea, do you imagine yourself as a child expanding and absorbing the world around you for what it is?

If darkness surrounds your soul, your time has passed to serve our great country.

If you cannot find peace in the uniqueness that gave our nation its strength and wonder, your time has passed to serve this great country.

Our world is a playground of knowledge – learnt from our mistakes and our lessons. Erasing our growth is dooming the children after you.

Shame on you for kneading our faults into priority. Shame on you for forcing your darkness upon the ones that once admired your courage.

Bring back the days of peace, respect and loving the differences of those around you.

Allow us the freedom that we have been promised – as the ones YOU work for.

We are not under the thumb of anyone’s smug personal desires. We are free to choose. We are free to be. We are free to live life as we see fit.

That is the beauty of being an American.

She dreamt of him each night.

She smelled the scent of his cologne.

She knew every golden fleck in his eyes.

She felt his hand on her arm.

She could feel his passionate intensity as he walked toward her.

His glance was pure and sweet.

She remembered his touch.

She didn’t know his name.

They had known one another in a different time and place.

She couldn’t explain the connection they had.

He was familiar, as someone she had known in her dreams.

For that is all she knew..

A dream was all she had, yet it felt like the world was at her fingertips.

She knew his love, even if she hadn’t known him.

He was flesh and bone, in another time.

She was never meant to recall him from her dreams.

Yet he stayed with her each day,

Giving her hope for the next night to come.

She floated through her days on promise that she’d meet him again..

Someday.  Somewhere.

They would find one another.

She believed in fairytales.

Its said that when you go within, you begin to create the change you seek.  Do you believe that to be true?  Do you believe that you have the power to change your reality?

I do because I’ve seen it!  I’ve felt a change within so intensely that it changed my world.

In the not so distant past, when I felt my lowest, I went within seeking answers.  I knew I needed to change my life, yet wasn’t sure how or where to begin.  I searched for answers, read inspiring books, listened to motivational speakers and followed their advice.  What I was missing was the connection to self.  I wasn’t allowing myself to delve deep within to create the change I was seeking.

The word Meditation was everywhere.  I had seen people meditate, but hadn’t done so myself.  I saw how they sat on the floor, hands on their knees, but what do they think about, what do they say to themselves, how do they stop their minds from wondering?  All of these questions ran rampant through my mind.  How do I get to that point?  I wanted to know!

I began to research meditation.  I wanted to know everything!  As I researched, I implemented.  I put into practice everything I was learning because I knew that I needed to teach this fantastic art to others!  I made it my mission to show others how to heal themselves, just as I had done.

When I became connected, I was able to see my world for what it was and how it could be.  I was able to differentiate between expectations and purpose.  I was able to put my soul’s purpose into play.  I connected with a part of myself that I didn’t even know existed.  I became aware of a deeper meaning to life, not just the surface level of what I thought it should look like to others.

I became proud of who I was becoming.

I grew.  I changed.  I evolved.

I no longer looked for validation from others because I knew I was following my destined path.  I no longer worried how others would perceive me or my lifestyle because I knew that I was serving a greater purpose; one that sometimes seemed hard to explain.  I gained a greater sense of self.

Within a short time, I began to feel a difference in my mind.  I began to see how my thoughts shaped my reality.  I began to control my emotions to keep my vibration elevated.

Meditation had changed my life.  It has allowed me to see who I am from a deeper, more intimate connection.

But, it wasn’t an easy process.  It took time.  I was equally intrigued and confused at first.  I wasn’t sure how to go about any of it, or how I was supposed to feel.  I just knew there was something about the peace, serenity and wholeness that I craved.

Allow meditation to change your life too!

She wrote stories of a time she hadn’t lived. She longed for sunshine days filled with the sweet smell of floral markets and pleasant smiles. She remembered the amber pendants hanging from iron columns.

She felt her soul being called backwards; to a time and place that no longer existed.

Some called her an old soul. She felt truth in those words as her soul craved nostalgia. A city that represented love, imagination, promise and romance.

She imagined herself peacefully stolling the city streets. Glistening from fresh rain and moonlight. She believed in the power of memories.

Maybe she had lived here before? As a version of who she was; a renewed sense of being in a modern space.

Yet peace rose from remembering. She grasped tightly to the notion of familiarity. She’s felt this before. She recalls the essence of someone she’s never been, yet feels in her soul.

She clings to her thoughts – allowing them to drift away in a breeze of happiness and romance. This is who she’s always been. This is where she’s meant to be.

A moment in time that’s stood still just for her to become who she’s destined to be.

A city so incredible that she’s become one with it’s presence.

She fell in love with herself once again, dancing a waltz, being among the sensation of enchantment.

You’re not growing if you refuse to let go. You’re not growing if you choose to stay safe. You’re not growing if you don’t accept change.

As I was meditating today, I felt an urge to write. I wrote without thinking, without hesitation.

“I have seen amazing detail in your dreams – so much so that I know what you’re capable of. Nothing can ever hold me back unless you say so. The message I have for you today is that you’re holding yourself back because you’re afraid. Stop doubting yourself. Stop saying NO to your potential – to your dreams. Only you can make them come true.”

“There is nothing to fear – nothing to be afraid of. I am holding you up as you grow. I will never let you fall.”

I’ve learned to listen.. To my body, to my mind, to my emotions and to my angels.

Sometimes we feel the emotions stronger than others and sometimes those emotions aren’t sweet, energetic and loving.

At those times, I turn inward. I listen to what needs to be heard; I allow messages to come through; I learn to grow from each experience and accept the next level of growth.

Our circumstances are created by our willingness to grow, listen and to venture into the unknown with faith, love and acceptance of change.

Today, I declare to you that I will no longer tell myself No. That I will no longer be afraid to grow into the next best version of myself.. and I challenge you to do the same.

With each phase of life we grow, yet you decide whether or not you’ll repeat the pattern or shift into something better.

When you look at the night sky, what do you feel?

Do you see an essence of yourself floating off in wanderlust?

You feel your soul set free as you glide, at peace and remarkably graceful.

A tattered ribbon of who you once were gently rests upon the ground where you sat.

You have been set free; in love you soar and in joy you rise.

You are among the greatness you seek for you already are all that you’ve desired among the stars.

As I sit at my desk, staring out into the blue sky, I attempt to recall the exact moment when I realized that hurt had become my shield.  I wore it like a crest; majestic and proud.  I claimed that all circumstances were what they were due to the pain I felt in my soul.

Never giving much thought to my own responsibility in any matter, I allowed myself to be a victim.  Standing tall, I spewed words of cruelty and dismay; only to ease the suffering that I was placing upon my own reality.

I see the error of my ways now.  Years of darkness harbored over me as I relentlessly tried to succumb to some form of serenity.  Clouds cradled my mind leading me to believe that all of the pain in the world was simple necessity of being human.

I fell to my own demons in time.  They lied, cheated and tortured my life for far too long.  My awakening was one that I didn’t see coming, yet was imperative to stand on stable ground.

Have you felt hopeless before?  As if your world is crashing down and all you can do is surrender to the darkness.  Have you felt the life drift from your sights so that you begin to believe this is your fate?

Our generations are hurt.  They are scarred from pains of the past.  They are held to believe that their future is dependent on their ancestors.  Not seeing that our future is what they choose to make of it.

I held hurt.  I allowed it to sew its cloak of sadness into the threads of my existence.  I thought that generational curses were mine to bare.  I was unsure of how to break the mold to become who I wanted to be; not who I was told to become.

When I stood on my own two feet, grounded to the Earth and prepared to stand against the storm, I knew my purpose was closing in.  I had been the wearer of darkness and the cultivator of pain.  I had been the diminished version of my own identity to walk as someone I was told to be.

The tragic mind that I carried with me had seen a light; new and unapologetic.  Refreshing and resonating in love; I just had to grasp it with both hands.

My life became light, my soul became softened and my eyes began to see love.  I no longer lived under a hardened shell of expectation and fear; I was free to become the passionate, creative person I knew I could be.

I felt it in my core.  Knowing I was meant for more; more fulfillment, more happiness and more adventure.  When I began to see my life through my own eyes, I was able to take leaps of faith, not knowing the outcome, yet assured that I was to be more than I ever imagined.

As a bit of a hobby, I enjoy giving new life to old furnishings. Scaling off the old, drenching them in beautiful glory. I began to wonder why we don’t appreciate the repurposed phases of our lives as we do objects.

For every closed door brings new opportunity. For every sad ending brings about realigned appreciation of introspection.

We become aware of the beauty of shredded layers of wooden furnishing, yet don’t show the depth of the layers our soul shed when we learn to love ourselves for the hell we tread to come into our own heaven on Earth.

Do you see that your wounds are flowers in bloom, there for you to enjoy, grow and thrive in extraordinary love?

Your worth isn’t dependent upon visions of the outside world. No, my friend, your worth is the excitement that you feel in the depths of your soul, repurposed and eagerly awaiting your enjoyment.

As we take steps into the unknown, we begin to lose the ideal of a scary world and begin to embrace the captivity of surreal endeavors that some cannot comprehend.

Your job is not to observe and appeal to others expectations, yet to dive into your sea of purpose, self discovery and passion. Allow your creativity to flow freely into pure bliss as you uncover your new surroundings of bold existence.

You are a work of art! Repurposed, refreshed and rejuvenated into the perfect embodiment of the passionate being you were created to be!


Did you know that when you smile the entire world leaps to catch a glimpse?

To capture the sight of such inexpiable beauty – unable to be justified to the human eyes.

Such grace, such magnificence, such transparency of earthly elegance.

Do you see it?  Do you feel it?

Feel it to the depths of your soul.  Relish in its splendor.  Dance in its honesty.

You, my dear, are the most beautiful embodiment of joy that I’ve ever seen; and you shall shine beyond your limitations.

Believe that you can move mountains and you will do just that!

Nothing can stop a force like you.

Go out into the world and make it yours!

  1. Get outside! As a creative, we tend to fixate on our creations and forget the little details that naturally inspire us. Smell the roses, literally! Get your feet on the grass! Take deep breaths of fresh air! 🌹
  2. Smile! Oh gosh, do we have to?! YES! Your art shouldn’t be the only beauty that’s seen for who you are.
    Remember to enjoy the path – the bumps and falls – because they too have brought you to where you are today! And, frankly, knowing this isn’t the end, yet the beginning of something amazing is plenty of reason to smile!
  3. Just breathe! As a society of fast paced, fast scrolling people – we rush, we need a quick fix for just about everything that we sometimes forget to just breathe. Not everything deserves our attention, a response, or even a second look. As my mom always says “choose your battles carefully” because not everything is yours to fight.
  4. Step away from the news!
    Ugh. Where do I begin? We all know there’s a global pandemic. We all know there’s a crap-ton of crime. We all know there’s an election. We all know the media is going to focus on whatever scare tactic they can push that day, so just stop. Do yourself the most grand favor of all and stop watching the news.

🌱 Fill yourself with the stuff that inspires your soul.
🌱 Fill your mind with love, positivity and peace.

Because if we want more of this stuff we need to focus on its source to create more!

Its said that every mom and every child are unique. Special characteristics, personalities, quirks and amazing attributes that all equal to an unexplainable amount of love for another being.

This Mother’s day I look at my two small kids in awe. I think of our trials and triumphs, the day each were born and the moments of tears, some good and some sadness. I remember the feeling that cascaded through me the first time I held each newborn baby for the first time. I can recall the littlest detail of their first smiles.

I’ve learned that living for today is more precious to me than planning ahead at times. That enjoying their years of sweet tenderness and needing mommy won’t always be. That I have clothed them in gentleness and kindness that, I hope, will carry them through life.

My children have molded me into who I’ve become. They have taught me more than any parenting book ever could. They see joy in the smallest things. They find giggles on my hardest days. They can sense any emotion and embrace me, their mom, with compassion and grace. They see me as their personal superhero when most times I feel that I’m not serving them at my best.

Our children are gifts. They are sent from above to create a newness within us that will forever change our world. They are our next generations that will care for us when our time comes to be their child-like elders.

They are more profound than they’re given credit. They see our sorrow and try to make us smile. They carry a weight of adulthood that should never be. They are the sparkle to our dullness.

And despite doing our best to be their biggest supporters, they’ll always be ours.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Embrace our children for the astounding, breathtaking tiny humans that they are.. our eternal loves.

The road may seem dark, it may seem off center, yet only you can navigate past the confusion to the other side.

Darkness is part of each of us.  How you hold it depends on you.  You may find that it hurts to let it go, while others bury theirs at first sight.

For me, I chose to love mine.  It is a divine part of my soul; a part of me that humbles my mind and allows my light to shine brighter.

My shadows sit with me at night when loneliness wants to be held.  I allow it to be felt.  To be where it needs to be when it needs to be felt.

I am at peace.  I am grounded knowing that love holds me tight when nothing else seems comforting.  I am at peace.  I am soothed to sleep each night with a power of creation racing through my mind.  I am at peace.  I know there is a greater force within that will not allow me to sink, yet to swim in waters of compassion.

I am at peace within.  I am powerful.  I am serene.  I am walking through shadows of who I once was to light a path for tomorrow.

I am at peace with my darkness because I was saved from its rushing waves.

When nothing else can seem to feel whole, I know that I saved myself once and I’ll do it each day until my last breath to feel love through my veins and peace in my heart.

During an intense time in her life, she rose to see herself as a flower blooming for the first time.  She stood in the field surrounded by openness and promise.  Not a moment too soon, as she inhaled the sweet scent of wildflowers, she was filled with strength in a way she had never felt before.

The world was dark, yet she saw light within her soul.  She knew man’s hope was not in vain, yet in sadness.  She knew a women scorned was not the end of it all, yet the start of a renewed sense of self.  She knew that the soul could be cleansed of its tarnish, returning to a state of beauty and solace.

She crafted an ideal body of self to cultivate love across the plains.  She was the embodiment of peace as she drifted off into the sunlight.  All that she desired was within her.  She was sent to create change; a change that would transform humanity until the end of time.

Her words were tender; her touch was sincere.  Each blade of grass that caressed her skin turned to silk upon her release.

Her name was unknown, yet her legacy lives on.  She was perfect and light, soulful and grounded.  Every soul encounter was etched in stone.  She was a rebirth for all who were lost.  She was a second chance – a new beginning.

She was the sun, the moon, the earth, and the sea.

She was the flower moon.

These are the words that came to me in a deep state of meditation.  I sat there in silence, looking at myself staring back at me when these words were spoken.

“You already are all that you desire”.

I shivered.  I sobbed.  I realized that all that makes me unique and an asset to this world is exactly who I am to be.  Not conformed to unappealing standards like a box; yet to be completely, unapologetically myself.

When choosing to transform my life, I knew that growth would come with discomfort and loads of change.  I was unsure of how much of that growth would allow for staying who I thought I needed to be.  There were times when I felt that maybe I should alter my personality to appeal to other’s expectations, change this or that, only to realize that I already am exactly who I am supposed to be, without bending or tearing who I am now.

My life is unique; beautiful and growing.  I don’t apologize for my past: it has shaped me into who I needed to be and that is more valuable than regret could ever be.

We are created to be more than the conscious mind can comprehend.  We are created to expand, become uncomfortable in order to grow, be more than we see with the naked eye: to be exceptional in every way.

When these words came to me, I was sitting on the floor in my closet (that’s my spot to meditate – its dark, quiet and spacious) in a deep state of subconsciousness.  Every cell in my body was being drawn to the front of my head.  A pull, if you will, to my third eye (pineal gland area).  I saw a version of myself staring back at me.  Flowing, graceful and at peace.  She (I) was saying “You already are all that you desire” over and over again.  She didn’t stop.  In a voice quiet and serene, she continued to recite those words as she slowly came closer.  I never steered from her gaze.  I was mesmerized and in awe.

I began to say the same words and felt shivers flowing through my entire body.

As I said those words, I felt them.  I knew that this message was meant to awaken me from the fear of being fully who I am; to not be afraid of the world, to give who I am to help others truly embrace a deep rooted love for themselves.

She began to fade away.  As I kept repeating what she had said, I sobbed.  Those words struck my core like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I had heard of being open to receiving message from God, the Universe, Spirit, Angels – whomever you believe, yet I had never experienced anything like this before.

We have the power to completely change the momentum of our lives.  I know, I’m proof.

Being connected to a spirituality that confirms that who I am is all that I need to be is reassuring that my life’s purpose is on-spot and aligned with a higher power than myself.

Trust in yourself.  Have faith in fresh starts. And, ultimately, like I did – if you need help reaching ground again, seek help.

Love yourself for who you are, that’s where new beginnings start.