Meet Jessi Risley.

Hello! I’m a Spiritual Alchemist, Relationship Specialist, Medium and creative leader. I guide my clients through energetic healing and learning to love who they have become in their climb to the top of their success, to begin fully living and allowing others to see them as they see themselves – in realism, authenticity and honesty.

Let’s create the euphoric life of personal fulfillment you were destined for.

“Why do I do what I do?”

To revolutionize relationships!

From unraveled relationships to…

Leaders are constantly surrounded by others, yet afflicted with loneliness more than anyone else. Unraveled relationships, self sabotage and living in an impractical reality.

My expertise will help you build sustainable, meaningful relationships within your boundaries of self-love.

Repaired soul connections.

My mission, as your mentor, is to help you understand your influence as a leader, teach you to apply your noble efforts with realistic expectations, release judgement, stop resisting your destiny due to fear of declining relationships, forgive your past self, embrace relationships with meaningful soul connections by realigning thoughts and to repair disconnect by connecting to the soul center of emotional desire and needs.

A few ways I can help you..

Jessi Risley Coaching Relationship Specialist Mentor

As a Spiritual Alchemist, I will help you love yourself again!

With extensive experience as a Spiritual Medium, Energetic Healer, Coach & NLP practitioner, my expertise and guidance will help you attain your relationship goals in business, personal and re-establish your relationship with money!

By implementing my skills, experience and knowledge, I transformed my own life from being a woman who had disconnected relationships to having learned how to build better, more deeply connected relationships, to create healthy boundaries and to properly care for my mind, body and soul in order to have a better existence.

It’s time for us to begin our most transformative work yet. It’s time to step away from your fear of vulnerability and unworthiness. It’s time to take create the life you truly desire and be the person you want to be! 

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Are you ready to put your efforts to action, to create spiritually charged connections and to be seen as the person you’ve grown to be?