A voice of stature.

The age of relevance has changed the way society views intelligence. Influence no longer exists within the realms of integrity, yet that of noise louder than common sense can think.

As a whole, much of the populous wonder what happened to the world they once knew. Unrecognizable and seemingly unfair, yet a world so changed in development that its a necessary evil to consume.

As an entrepreneur and mom, I often find myself perplexed in finding ways to implement tradition and ride the tide of change. I want my family to see the world as it’s intended force – peaceful, beautiful and wildly educational in every way. Yet as we turn on the television to see the layers upon layers of horror continually playing, I wonder why the focus of our lives has stirred among the dread.

A voice of stature, longing to be heard in it’s natural element, pressing to be seen as the beacon life it is, has been shattered to disrepair. Or has it?

I believe that our voice is our world and those who choose to speak love are the light among darkness. Beautiful and intelligent, changing the way life has altered our sense of confidence and pride. Reintegrating alignment and respect for others we once looked over. Bringing to the surface a longing of commitment that has been shoved aside in the wake of discontent and rift.

We are one; an earth that longs to be praised for it’s blessings. Surroundings demolished to hide the truth are being restored in remembrance of voices still speaking.

As we stand in solidarity among the rubble of tumultuous riddling, I feel that we are growing as a society, changing our tone from destruction to love.