From a place I’d never dreamt..

Once there was a girl who lived and loved inside a fairy tale. She resided in this world of make believe and fables until the age of adulthood appeared. As for many of us, she took to her new reality willingly, yet with hesitation.

You see, she knew of a world like no other that she had ever seen on television, or heard among conversation. This world that she knew was one read in books, crinkled among the pages and bound in leather casing. She knew nothing more than the sights she saw with her bare eyes, yet felt compelled to enter a world in which she knew she didn’t fit.

Among the rising call to become mature, she began to live among the others. As time went on, she began to lose sight of the life she once dreamt. She no longer felt the tingle of passion within her.

Once encapsulated in beauty, a forest of tall trees and moss covered grounds, she blissfully played among her surroundings. She swirled among the stars that twinkled in her eyes. She sang with the winds that blew across the meadow.

Then she stood in a place she had never dreamt of before. A reality unlike any other, a world unrecognizable to her senses.

All of her life she spent inside the safety of her mind, hiding among the scenes of peace and basking in the light of the moon.

Now, she was beginning to see how the others lost faith; how they lost love; how they lost hope. They stopped dreaming. They stopped hoping. They stopped living. They stopped healing.

Her eyes grew tears of sorrow; she felt their pain. In that instant, she began to see that she was called to this place to enlighten a world felt powerless, a world felt loveless. She was to restore hope. To restore promise. To restore passion.

Gradually, she began to pick up the pieces of lost souls as she found them. She gently and lovingly helped the others feel whole once again.

Alchemist is what they called her. A soul of unspeakable power and peace. Gifted with magic unseen to the eye. Forever leaving traces of empathy, grace and humanity where she was.

Her soul began to understand what was happening. She healed a world bigger than she could see. She felt their smiles return and their hearts begin to shine.

Her duty would continue as the clocked ticked away, for she was a beacon of hope sent to hug a world she never knew existed.