Once there was..

Once there was a girl who knew of her strengths and hid behind her weakness. She knew how the tides were changed by the moon and that others didn’t see it’s brilliance.

One day she began to throw stones at the ones who shunned her passion for the moon. She flustered by their stares and spat at their indecency.

Her thoughts gravitated towards solidarity; for she was certain she’d live peacefully alone.

As her dreams sat still within the walls of her mind, she was perplexed of how to bring them to life. Long hours she sat writing, thinking.

She wrote of the ones who found humor in her depth.. oh how she buried her feelings behind walls of resentment.

As her quill drifted back and forth, she felt herself in each person she spoke ill of. She saw the unpleasantness peeking through them as a reflection of herself.

She was drawn to their demise to foreshadow her harbored distrust in her own being.

As her shadows began to surface, she felt sorrow. Her tears began to fall as she felt deeply into the undesirable pieces of her darkness.

A light cannot fully be present when hiding your shadow, yet the shadows belong in the love of your heart.

For one cannot love wholeheartedly without the consideration of all their beautifully shattered pieces.

She said to herself “You are not broken, my dear, you are merely falling in love with the shadows of your soul.”