The rock that holds you steady.

It’s not often I speak about my personal relationships on social media, other than a random photo here and there. But I wanted to share something with you that reminded me of why I do what I do, as well as the importance of a loving, understanding relationship.

As you know I’m married with 3 beautiful kids. I can’t take credit for all of them, as one is a step-daughter (who is like my own), yet each and every one of these people are the reason I keep dreaming, keep healing, keep doing what I love.

Recently, I’ve been going through a massive transformational shift in my spiritual connectedness. My energy has fluctuated some days. As these feelings are quite normal, what I’ve noticed is that when my feelings want to jump back to the old me, I’m continually grounded by the rock that holds it all together.. my husband.

He may not always understand what I do, how spirituality works, or even what I’m talking about at times, yet he is always there to bring me back to reality when things are getting a bit too much. I can validate the meaning of grounded just by speaking with him for a few minutes.

Do you have someone in your life that grounds you and brings you back to why you love life as you do? Having someone who is your rock (even when they don’t know it!) is such an amazing feeling. I know that any time I feel like crumbling to what may seem (or used to) comfortable – even when it’s no longer serving my future – he will draw me back in and remind me of my greatness.

My rock. My husband.