Overthinking Antidote

Through the layers of life we throw ourselves into a whirlwind, mostly unprepared, and begin to see things as a threat instead of a lesson.

Jumping from peaceful demeanor to fight or flight response, we train our minds to see life as hazardous instead of joyous. But why? Do you wonder if this trait has been passed from generation to generation? Do you see your own characteristics of stress resembled from those before you? Or, simply put, do you find it difficult to navigate life with a compass of happiness & adventure?

If any of these feel true to you, rest assured that you are not alone and you can quickly find peace.

I am a firm believer that our minds are the most powerful asset that we own. We can allow ourselves to be the most magical beings alive by carefully choosing our thoughts or be a slave to our minds, being tortured by the smallest incident of uncomfortable change. If you imagine life as being peaceful, feeling loved and safe in your mind-space and an overwhelm of gratitude for the successes you currently have, then you are properly cultivating a healthy thought process to grow on.

Throughout my life I was plagued with stress. I believed it to be inherited because I watched others experience stressful situations, have outbursts and feel physical pain as a result. I assumed this was a way of life that was natural, even when it didn’t feel that way.

I spent countless nights laying awake worrying about how I would pay my bills, how I would achieve the things I desperately wanted, or even how I would make tomorrow better than today when I felt I was living on auto-pilot. I was scared and unsure.

To say I never felt the “this is it.” would be an understatement. I may have been experiencing the symptoms of stress and overwhelm, and had allowed overthinking to become my excuse for not living life to my fullest potential, yet when I realized that our thoughts create SO much of our reality (or our reality as a whole), I was in awe. I knew there had to be more to life than this damn hamster wheel of stress, repeated actions, repeated thoughts, repeated duties! I was on a mission to change everything about who I am – to become the version of myself that I knew deep within, yet was too afraid to let shine.

Isn’t that the story we tell ourselves – that our most honest selves will be too much for others to handle, that our dreams are unbelievable and unattainable, that our successes should be buried as to not make others feel bad about themselves..? Yeah..? Well, stop that right now!

You are more than a negative thought. If you are striving to make a better life than the one you knew yesterday, you, my friend, should make no space in your mind for negativity, shame, your past, or overthinking ANYTHING!

To combat the overthinking (which drives you to stress and overwhelm), here are a few tips that will have you believing in yourself and change the way you think about life and all of the wonderful aspects to have:

  1. Pay attention to your thoughts as well as your self talk.
  2. Change your scenery.
  3. Meditate
  4. Write out your thoughts & feelings
  5. Acknowledge your success & blessings.
  6. Learn to relax into life.
  7. Have fun!

You may remember this story, but a few years ago I was having a terrible pain in my chest. Terrible. I had gone to my doctor, had tests done with no results – nothing was wrong. I racked my brain trying to understand why I had such intense pain.. and nothing was wrong. It made no sense. I followed up with a friend who is a chiropractor. During the adjustment she recommended I visit an acupuncturist. I made an appointment straight away. At this appointment, I was asked “What do you do for fun?” I was speechless. I had no answer. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of the last time I had fun. Ashamed, being a young mom in a loving marriage, I couldn’t remember the last time I had fun. I had made myself so overwhelmed with thoughts of “what if” that I lost all enjoyment in life. Sure, I enjoyed my family, yet I was consumed with fearing the worst in every situation, that I rarely enjoyed that.

As I got older and life brought more responsibility, I began to worry about everything – from finances, relationships, friends, travel, my job, health – you name it, I invested a lot of overthinking into it. Literally.

My mind began to race when the idea of fun came into play. Not only did I not remember what I did for fun, I was determined to find an answer. Along the ride, I began to see things so much differently. I started to see the world as opportunity rather than fearful. The process was by no means immediate, or even quick. It took years for me to release all of the burden of overthinking. Yet as I released more and more, layer by layer, I began to breathe again. I began to see life as enjoyable and memorable. I was afraid of less; not because I was fearless, but because I had faith in my purpose, knowledge in what I could control (and what I couldn’t) and I began to trust.

I understood that overthinking was killing any happiness that I had cultivated through my life. Any enjoyable opportunity was being stripped of it’s fun to become a scenario of distrust and harm – in my mind. That had to end now!

As I peeled back the layers of beliefs I told myself throughout the years, I saw purpose without fear. A refreshing feeling after hiding for longer than I can remember.

How about you? Does overthinking leave space for happiness in your life? If you want to say ‘yes’, let’s revisit this thought and remember that overthinking, overwhelm & stress do nothing more than steal the joy out of your life, create unhealthy habits and release a whirlwind of negative thoughts in your mind.

You’re better than any negative thought. You are powerful. All you have to do is claim it and decide to make freedom your new life.