The Embodiment of Self.

I look back on the time that has passed and wonder where I went wrong. Why had I allowed myself to fall to the trap of not keeping with what lights up my soul. If I know what makes me feel amazing and full of life, why wouldn’t I embrace that part of myself each day?

I’ll tell you why.. as you work through the layers that make you the person you have spent years being, you fight shadows of who you once were that never fully disappear. There is nothing wrong with the thoughts that come and go through your mind, you’re not taking steps in the opposite direction – you are merely fighting a battle that hasn’t ceased to be.

Many times in our journey to evolve, we believe that once we face our shadows, or demons, that this part of our being will fade away as we move forward to another layer to peel back. To be honest, that isn’t the case for most people. The parts of ourselves that we spent the majority of our life hiding behind, using them as a crutch to navigate life, isn’t always the most purposeful or appropriate traits of being. What they are are a novel of chapters that have yet to be edited or refined to become the best story ever told in our native voice. A story that has light peeking through the lines, yet no real indication of who you are deep within your core.

Are you okay with that? With mediocre, stagnant. I don’t believe you are. If you are reading this it’s most likely because you have followed the path of intuition and are searching for insight of how to become more. More of who you envision yourself to be, more of the beating heart in your story, the main attraction; not the understudy.

When you were created, however you see that as, you were not created to live by means of sadness or deteriorating passion. On the contrary, you were created to step into your role as the most magnificent creation ever made.

As I type this, I am reminded of thoughts that crept into my mind a few days ago. Old patterns that don’t serve a purpose for me. Old thoughts that I would once-upon-a-time have listened to and believed they were for my betterment, not giving full credit to the detrimental affect of calling them into action. I recognize this now. I can see where I have changed, evolved, and ask myself why. When I feel these thoughts, emotions, or even actions, attempting to rise to the surface, I know the importance of acknowledging them and asking myself what needs my attention at the present moment.

You see, as we evolve, we aren’t subjecting ourselves to forever being free of challenge. Rather, we are accepting who we once were, who we are today and responding as who we are in our future. The thoughts you possess today are not the same as the thoughts of yesterday, or tomorrow. Your spirit isn’t free of turmoil; how you respond emotionally, physically and spiritually are your brilliance.

Deciding to become who you see yourself as – for the external world to see – is the most empowering change you will ever make. This change can bring about fears, failures and objections that you didn’t expect. Understand that those are just limitations placed by your ego to keep you safe. Remaining comfortable for the sake of fearing change is the biggest mistake you will ever make. Fate has a way of making you uncomfortable so that you get out of your own way. A common occurrence for someone who willingly faces challenge in the eye. Those are the people that don’t fret in the eye of a storm, yet stand tall and walk ahead.

Believe it or not, that person is you. That person lives inside each one of us. Do you dare embody the person you fear most – the version of yourself that breaks all barriers and lives outside of your own beliefs and limitations? Say it to aloud. Because that is you. That is me. This is the voice inside you. Leading you to the direction you fear most. The path of abundant desires, limitless potential and endless adventure. Joy, happiness, wealth and prosperity are meant for all of us. There is no limit to your creative mind.

When I began to live without the fears and boundaries that held me tight for so long, I began to see my potential in a new light. I began to see the world as my playground, free and easy. Because that is how life is meant to feel – free. When you decide to live by your heart’s desires you begin to breathe new life into your soul.

I hope you leave space for yourself to become, space for you to be more of what you desire and time to take the steps forward in making that possible for you.