Running in circles

When the overwhelm sets in and I begin to feel like I’ve been slamming my head, figuratively speaking, of course, I can’t help but feel like it isn’t supposed to be this hard.

Do you have these days too? Of course you do. You’re human.

I, also, know the other side of this equation – that if fulfilling my deepest desires and chasing dreams were easy, everyone would do it. I get it! But, really, when I begin to feel ‘in my zone’ something else comes up leaving me to realize that my zone isn’t at all how I want to feel for my dreams to be achieved.

When accepting my role as a leader in this world, I did so gracefully and with compassion for those who may have difficulty seeing the world through my vision. I did so knowing that bumps are inevitable and ‘the good days’ are more often than not. I did so because my heart led me into this journey and I trust with complete certainty that I am following my purpose. And, frankly, I’d do it all over again. But some days don’t need to feel so over-complicated as they are seeming to feel at times.

Building a dream life is idealistic to some. It may seem unreasonable to think that I can have an extraordinary life, being someone who grew up in a middle-class family in a small town, yet I see it differently. Why can’t I?! Why shouldn’t I?!

I am passionate about what I want from this life. I am insanely glued to my goals. Not because I have something to prove to anyone, but because I want more, incredible, adventurous, amazing, unforgettable, fun and, most of all because I want to show the world what’s possible when you refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer. I made a promise to myself and that promise is non-negotiable.

I may sometimes take the hardest road traveled to get to my destination, but I take the bruises in stride, learn how to do it better next time and get my ass moving to a better view ahead.

This isn’t a post seeking validation or a pat on the back to say “you’re doing an amazing job”, no. As I do appreciate kind words, this is about looking fear, procrastination and complication in the face and telling it to MOVE! I have things to do and will not accept anything less than positive progress to get me farther than I am today. Little steps, maybe, but those little steps lead to big bold moves and that’s what will catapult me into the position I am made for.

So, tell me about you.. what have you been fearing, putting off, over-complicating that just doesn’t seem to want to work out for you? We all have that thing. It’s the way you handle that thing that leads you fast and happy or slow and painful.

Which do you choose?

The over-complicated versions of life aren’t restricted to leadership. They come in every avenue you may choose to venture. Relationships can hold some of the most tangled complications of them all. How you accept, reject and thrive within them are the key elements to cultivating meaningful soul connections.

Don’t let the bumps bring you down. It may sound easy, but fighting for the dreams in your head will create more happiness in the future than giving up. (taking my own advice here!)