One nation: We Stand Divided.

In a waking moment, your eyes see a world different than your last blink.

In a waking moment, your worst nightmares have come to life.

A country build on resilience, patriotism and brilliance has plunged itself into the deepest depths of despair.

A country deemed a nation of promise, hope and undying freedom has fallen from the cliffs of identity crisis.

Who are those people brimming of history and knowledge? Who are the ones cherishing the lessons learned from our past? Who are those chipping away at the next generations?

One nation under God – the beauty that resonates across the world as a nation of growth and acceptance.

Where your beliefs are now your faults; crucified for being different.

Sadly, we are not learning from our past, or the tragedies of others, yet we have created a divide who’s sutures have disintegrated.

Our hope has faded and the deception vast.

A moment of silence for a nation so broad in its stance to destroy from within. Such disgrace to a nation, its citizens and a looming disastrous future.

When you open your eyes, do you feel love in your heart?

When you open your eyes, do you feel promise for the generations growing in the world you’ve created?

When you sit down for tea, do you imagine yourself as a child expanding and absorbing the world around you for what it is?

If darkness surrounds your soul, your time has passed to serve our great country.

If you cannot find peace in the uniqueness that gave our nation its strength and wonder, your time has passed to serve this great country.

Our world is a playground of knowledge – learnt from our mistakes and our lessons. Erasing our growth is dooming the children after you.

Shame on you for kneading our faults into priority. Shame on you for forcing your darkness upon the ones that once admired your courage.

Bring back the days of peace, respect and loving the differences of those around you.

Allow us the freedom that we have been promised – as the ones YOU work for.

We are not under the thumb of anyone’s smug personal desires. We are free to choose. We are free to be. We are free to live life as we see fit.

That is the beauty of being an American.