Do you believe in fairytales?

She dreamt of him each night.

She smelled the scent of his cologne.

She knew every golden fleck in his eyes.

She felt his hand on her arm.

She could feel his passionate intensity as he walked toward her.

His glance was pure and sweet.

She remembered his touch.

She didn’t know his name.

They had known one another in a different time and place.

She couldn’t explain the connection they had.

He was familiar, as someone she had known in her dreams.

For that is all she knew..

A dream was all she had, yet it felt like the world was at her fingertips.

She knew his love, even if she hadn’t known him.

He was flesh and bone, in another time.

She was never meant to recall him from her dreams.

Yet he stayed with her each day,

Giving her hope for the next night to come.

She floated through her days on promise that she’d meet him again..

Someday.  Somewhere.

They would find one another.

She believed in fairytales.