Its said that every mom and every child are unique. Special characteristics, personalities, quirks and amazing attributes that all equal to an unexplainable amount of love for another being.

This Mother’s day I look at my two small kids in awe. I think of our trials and triumphs, the day each were born and the moments of tears, some good and some sadness. I remember the feeling that cascaded through me the first time I held each newborn baby for the first time. I can recall the littlest detail of their first smiles.

I’ve learned that living for today is more precious to me than planning ahead at times. That enjoying their years of sweet tenderness and needing mommy won’t always be. That I have clothed them in gentleness and kindness that, I hope, will carry them through life.

My children have molded me into who I’ve become. They have taught me more than any parenting book ever could. They see joy in the smallest things. They find giggles on my hardest days. They can sense any emotion and embrace me, their mom, with compassion and grace. They see me as their personal superhero when most times I feel that I’m not serving them at my best.

Our children are gifts. They are sent from above to create a newness within us that will forever change our world. They are our next generations that will care for us when our time comes to be their child-like elders.

They are more profound than they’re given credit. They see our sorrow and try to make us smile. They carry a weight of adulthood that should never be. They are the sparkle to our dullness.

And despite doing our best to be their biggest supporters, they’ll always be ours.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Embrace our children for the astounding, breathtaking tiny humans that they are.. our eternal loves.