When darkness rises.

The road may seem dark, it may seem off center, yet only you can navigate past the confusion to the other side.

Darkness is part of each of us.  How you hold it depends on you.  You may find that it hurts to let it go, while others bury theirs at first sight.

For me, I chose to love mine.  It is a divine part of my soul; a part of me that humbles my mind and allows my light to shine brighter.

My shadows sit with me at night when loneliness wants to be held.  I allow it to be felt.  To be where it needs to be when it needs to be felt.

I am at peace.  I am grounded knowing that love holds me tight when nothing else seems comforting.  I am at peace.  I am soothed to sleep each night with a power of creation racing through my mind.  I am at peace.  I know there is a greater force within that will not allow me to sink, yet to swim in waters of compassion.

I am at peace within.  I am powerful.  I am serene.  I am walking through shadows of who I once was to light a path for tomorrow.

I am at peace with my darkness because I was saved from its rushing waves.

When nothing else can seem to feel whole, I know that I saved myself once and I’ll do it each day until my last breath to feel love through my veins and peace in my heart.