Flower Moon.

During an intense time in her life, she rose to see herself as a flower blooming for the first time.  She stood in the field surrounded by openness and promise.  Not a moment too soon, as she inhaled the sweet scent of wildflowers, she was filled with strength in a way she had never felt before.

The world was dark, yet she saw light within her soul.  She knew man’s hope was not in vain, yet in sadness.  She knew a women scorned was not the end of it all, yet the start of a renewed sense of self.  She knew that the soul could be cleansed of its tarnish, returning to a state of beauty and solace.

She crafted an ideal body of self to cultivate love across the plains.  She was the embodiment of peace as she drifted off into the sunlight.  All that she desired was within her.  She was sent to create change; a change that would transform humanity until the end of time.

Her words were tender; her touch was sincere.  Each blade of grass that caressed her skin turned to silk upon her release.

Her name was unknown, yet her legacy lives on.  She was perfect and light, soulful and grounded.  Every soul encounter was etched in stone.  She was a rebirth for all who were lost.  She was a second chance – a new beginning.

She was the sun, the moon, the earth, and the sea.

She was the flower moon.