Encapsulated by darkness; a dense fog that overshadowed her being.

She sat peacefully in the moment, intending for the fog to dissipate through the goodness of her soul.

Gently, she spoke the words “I am me..”  Slowly and infinitely, she waited.  At ease in the present.

To be utterly patient wasn’t easy, yet she overcame her fear of being purely, intensely at one with herself and was still.

Unaware of the world around her, as she was soaked in a feeling of love, she was here..

A rush of light washed over her as she sat.  The presence of angels was felt.  She had arrived.

All this time, she had asked for a sign, intending to be patient, yet expecting and afraid of what may happen.

After letting go of the fear that kept her heart still, she was able to grow into the beautiful being that she was meant to be.  Her heart soared.

She was enveloped in a sea of pink light.  A tingling feeling flushed over her body.  She knew she was not alone.

The fog had lifted from her soul.  She was at peace.  Whole, in love and free.