The Mama Chronicles: A Pharmaceutical Generation

For many years I’ve been concerned with what I’ll allow inside (or on) my body. I conducted my own research to see what exactly was involved in the making of medicines and vaccines. Upon leaving my job in healthcare, where a handful of injections were mandatory, I promised myself that I would never be “mandated” to inject myself with anything again.

So, when I became pregnant for the first time, I took on a different approach to my research to ensure the safety of my baby. As all parents, I wanted what was best for the welfare of my baby, and to know that I was making a clear, informed decision.

{{Being a topic of great controversy, I don’t bring this up to enlist arguments for either side of the discussion, yet to simply express my story. So, please, don’t disgrace anyone’s opinion or views based on one’s own.}}

My children are a bit older now and our family’s stance is quite strong. We have not, nor plan to inject our children with anything, nor do we take medication (unless absolutely necessary). Yet recent events have made me more aware of the travesty that is the pharmaceutical push within the US.

A few weeks ago, at a parent-teacher conference for our son, the teacher expressed her feelings about him. He is a sweet boy with great potential. Although he does have a strong dislike for reading, he is enjoyable to have in class. On occasion he will avoid certain tasks that are asked of him (mainly reading assignments), and become “distracted” by any other happenings of the other kids. We discussed this and it was evenly agreed that he is an eight year old who doesn’t enjoy reading at all.

Then, in walks the school counselor. She wanted to express her concern for our son’s lack of reading enthusiasm and willingness to play, instead of do school work. Without using the word “medicate”, she was very clear in her implication of her suggested “fix” to this concern. We let her speak her concerns, as she made us feel that she has great dealings with our son and knows him quite well. (Which we were later made to realize she has NO dealings with him personally at all).

I kept my opinions to myself, as did his father, until she continued to push the idea of medicating our son for “the betterment of his academics”. At which point, I had heard all I needed. I spoke up and said “Our son doesn’t need medicated and it is not an option.” He is a very typical eight year old boy who would much rather be outside playing than sitting in a classroom reading a book. Simply put, that’s not his personality!!

Yet to regard our son as needing medicated because his teacher doesn’t want to be bothered with a playful, silly child that isn’t interested in the same things she is, is absolutely absurd. The school year will be ending in a few short months, he will move forward to a different teacher and classroom, yet a decision like this would potentially affect the rest of his life. (Pardon my language..) Hell no!!

As his parents, we are not here to make his teacher’s life easy. As his teacher, she can, respectfully, do her job and not expect such drastic measures from parents to create a “more subdued” classroom environment.

After the meeting, my mind was rampant with the happenings of what was discussed. The following day I asked the teacher why the counselor was involved in a routine conference. She informed me that her concerns are to be met and addressed by the counselor to the parents. My suspicions were confirmed and the conversation, in my opinion, was over.

Its unbelievable to me that this country has become so reliant of medicating the child-like dependency out of our kids, that it’s become like offering candy.

In my years of research and education on the subject I dug more into how food can adversely impact our health and overall wellness. The government “regulated” pollutants legally added to the foods consumed in the US have been linked to many of the diseases and/or ailments that are questioned to needing medication to survive properly. That being said, if we fed our bodies whole foods, minimally (or none at all) processed foods, less additives and genetically modified products, we could greatly decrease the “necessity” of pharmaceutical use. (I use necessity loosely)

I speak from a biased view on the subject, clearly, yet I strongly feel that if our food supply was governed more for whole food human consumption and safety, and less for profit margins, we could shift the ailments plaguing our nation.

Last August, my eyes were opened to something that may not be new to all, yet was awakening for me. A Plant based lifestyle. After reading testimony after testimony, story after story about the reversal of disease simply by consuming plant ingredients, instead of modified/refined processed foods (and no meat products), I knew this was what I wanted in my life.

The connection between health and food is uncanny. It’s a topic of controversy and ignorance. Many people do what’s been taught to them based on comfort, while others decide to change generational habits and make change based on science and fact.

We are powerful beings; mind and body.

We have the power to be healthy, to be whatever we want, and to thrive for as long as we allow ourselves, based on our choices.

Choice is made by the comfort you place on the depths of your teachings.

{{Again, I speak my story from my platform to express my concerns for myself and my family. This article is not to be misconstrued as ignorance or disgrace to any other viewpoint or choice. As I have been, please be respectful to others.}}