Bursting with pride.

Our son has been struggling this school year. Understandably, he has encountered many changes at home and academically, yet his determination and perseverance astound me.

You see, Brixton struggles with reading intensely. He doesn’t enjoy it, therefore, he doesn’t put forth a great effort. As his mom, and a writer, this is agony to me. From the perspective of his mom, I want to see him succeed and I know full well that he is capable. As a writer, to not enjoy reading baffles me. We’ve had multiple conversations about the importance of reading, and that archeologists (his dream) must be able to read quite well.

Funny thing is, he often shocks us with his ability to read words he sees while out and about, words we didn’t know he’d recognize. He recites words we didn’t know he knew of or could comprehend. (Please don’t take that as we have any distrust in his abilities, we believe he’s more capable than he lets others know).

Brixton has worked with a reading specialist for a few years. This school year he is working with someone new, someone his father and I know very little about, yet have a good relationship with.

This afternoon I received an email from his reading specialist to say that she is blessed to be working with him. That his personality and demeanor will take him far in life. She goes on to say that she has no doubt that he will be successful with his reading as he grows.

As any parent, its easy to feel despair when our children are falling behind or having difficulty in an situation. To be uplifted by such a message from this lovely woman has made me realize that our work as parents has been anything but failing.

We try so hard to make them what we want them to be, sometimes losing sight of who they are.

This amazing boy has once again rose above and made positive waves in his future.

I am one insanely proud mom!