The Year of Discovery and Exploration.

Everyone is talking about their word for 2020. I started to wonder what my word would be..

In talking to my kids (because they’re my sounding board), I realized that we have two words for this new horizon: Discover & Explore. I won’t narrow these words to become strictly dictionary versions of what they could mean, yet leave them to be whatever your heart’s desire. Each of us have a descriptive idea of what it means to discover. For some, it may be to walk through nature. For others, it may be to uncover a hidden secret. Regardless, deciding to do something you’ve never done before is what it truly means to us.

To explore is to venture to a new destination. Or to refresh your sense to your current surroundings. Or, maybe, it’s to embark on a new phase of life.

When you reflect on the year past, while deciding your next move, do so with passion. And not just saying it to make it feel more real, but feel it to your core. Know that whatever you’ve envisioned in your mind is your new reality. Make it more than just a saying {2020 will be my best year yet}. Of course it will be! The past is gone, your future is NOW. No one starts a journey believing it will be terrible. If they did, it would be!

You’re creating your reality. Your future. Your circumstance.

If you choose a word for 2020, feel it~breathe it in~make it your mantra. Whatever your word, believe in it. Believe that a simple, powerful word can change something. Then you’ll start to feel the power within you.

For our new year, my kids chose Discover and Explore. To start, we’re planning a cross country roadtrip. We’ll stop in cities we’ve never been, experience foods we’ve never tried, and explore new sights.

I’ve created a list of adventures we’ll take in our local area, as well. I want my kids to understand the wonder and amazement that this world holds. I want them to realize their own potential in deciding to make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others. Creating a new outlook, a new perspective of positive change begins with us. It begins when we decide that we want to live, not just survive.

I used to think that one word couldn’t make a difference. That by “choosing” a word was silly and trendy. I felt foolish when I realized the bigger picture of it all.

It’s not the choice of words, yet the choice to make that word profound. Give its meaning more meaning!

This morning on my Facebook page {Jessi Risley Empowerment Coach}, I chose my word. Strength.

It means something to me, just as Discover and Explore mean something to each of my kids.

Choose wisely. And when you do, give your word more meaning than any dictionary could! You matter. Your voice matters. You have a destiny waiting for you. Give yourself permission to dream; to dream bigger than you ever thought possible. It takes Strength to Explore the real you, and to Discover the life you’ve been waiting for!