Concentrated thoughts.

Have you ever been so consumed by a thought that you can feel its power?

When that power grabs ahold of you, and refuses to let go, you are being called to do something with it.

Sometimes a forward action will alleviate the consuming thought, while other times it’s a push to keep moving in an onward direction.

For me, this ultra-consuming thought has been to help others. Whether by writing, speaking, or educating others, I am drawn to do something other than push this intense feeling aside.

My mind is constantly in motion to challenge the fear that wants to remain comfortable and the drive to move past that comfort to make a massive, positive impact in the world. I find myself planning my next move while cleaning, sleeping, showering, just about any daily action.. it never rests.

Some may think this isn’t a healthy mindset, yet I see it differently. By continually making conscious effort to make a better tomorrow, for myself and others, I refuse to live in the mundane. I do what’s necessary to progress in my future. The planning, the strategy, the continued education and learning new ways will never rest because I’m on a mission.

My mission is to exude love, compassion and happiness into the lives of those I encounter. If I touch one person’s life at a time, I’m doing what I’m destined to do.

I made the decision to work solely with Moms. I chose this because it’s an avenue that I can relate to most. It’s something that I hold dear to my heart, as well as have struggled with in the past. When realizing that I can help others, my journey became much more fulfilling than I could have expected.

The plans never cease to amaze me. They keep me thinking, they come to me at the most inopportune times, yet I cant complain when I can see the bigger picture. I have plans, goals, and a future that I’m working towards that is out of this world.

When you feel your calling, listen. It may come in a nagging fashion, or something more subtle than mine, but don’t ignore it.. you’re being called to embark on your magnified greatness!