The Season of Grief.

She longed to see his eyes. She missed the way his lips gently smiled when she came into his sight.

She had gotten used to his voice. The way he said her name. The way he looked deeply into her eyes.

His scent lingered throughout the space. She could feel him there.

Each year that passed she grew more wary of her future. For without him, she was lost.

She knew a day would come when she had to move forward, yet it was an unbearable feeling.

Her thoughts wandered about as if he was standing next to her. She could see him smiling as she told another story.

He was her biggest fan. She read books to him while he playfully listened. He was her soul.

“One day at a time”, she thought. “One day I’ll see you again. One day I’ll hold you as I used to. One day, I pray”.

As the trees regained the color, she could feel a sense of relief. His favorite season was upon her. She spent her days in the sun, remembering the joy they had together.

It was time for her to move on. She didn’t feel his presence any longer.

Her season of grief was fading. She could finally breathe again.