That’s when I knew..

The day my world turned black, I felt something coursing within me.  Something I had never felt before, a spark per say.  I clutched my chest and fell to the floor.

When I awoken I saw a beautiful glow.  A faint crimson color brushing past my sight.  I knew my world had changed, yet I wasn’t sure how.

A shock was felt through my fingertips.  I could feel a burning sensation rushing through my arms.  My heart was lit.

I sensed a passion in my soul that had long since faded.  A love for something that never left my mind.  My life was about to change.

I leapt to the table to document the experience.  A shiver creeped down my spine as I knew that I was embarking on a glorious journey.

Long ago, I was someone ~ one of passion, desire, dreams and fire.  Throughout the years, I let my flame die.

No amount of neglect could keep this destiny out of my sight.  I was meant for more than I could imagine and I knew I had to rewrite my story.

I began to learn who I was; who I am.  With renewed stars in my eyes, I was able to see clearly the person I was created to be.

The spark I felt that day has never faded.  It reminds me that I have something valuable to offer, something worthy of this great world.

My mission is to create; to write a story that is uniquely my own and to share it with the world.  A powerful, majestic one of love, understanding and resilience.

Never before have I had such a vision as I do now.  My destiny is waiting on the other side of the door, waiting to be held.

Watch as I unfold chapter by chapter.. a tale that only I can write.