As humans, we tend to overload ourselves with unbearable amounts of pressure.  Why?  Do we seek validation to such an extreme that we value the opinion of others more than our own sanity?  Sound harsh, maybe.  But its the truth.  If we cared less of what the outside world thinks of our progress and more of what keeps a smile in our soul, we would function on a more positive frequency.

Hear me out..  say you have a morning routine that is overturned by your little humans inability to cooperate with your “schedule”.  This would potentially complicate your entire morning because you have somewhere to be, someone to please.  Your morning has been compromised and your attitude takes a downward spiral.  Sound familiar?  I know I’ve been there.

The pressure begins to build and our stress level rises above board.  We are on the verge of explosion while the clock is ticking away.

If you’re like me, a routine is my best friend to get my mornings off on the right foot.  But, learning to roll with whatever comes along makes a huge difference.  Taking it in stride, breathing in the goodness of waking up and being alive for a new day.. puts things back into perspective.  Sure, its easy to allow these mishaps to overturn our well thought out progression of the day, but you know what, life happens..  especially when you’re a parent.  We have a job to do, inside the home and outside.  Little people depend on us and we are here to see that through.

How do we roll with it, you ask?  Easier said than done, maybe, but its possible.  You learn that the expectations that we apply to ourselves are more about what others on the outside think of our lives than what we actually produce.  Take a step back into the drivers seat and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks.  You are the conductor of your life, no one else.  No one can make you sleep in, get up on time, get out the door in a timely manner, make it from point a to point b without delay, etc..  its all on us.  Our circumstances are a product of our attitude.

Wake up each and every morning expressing gratitude.  Stretch your muscles, take a deep breath, recount all of the reasons you’re ecstatic to be alive, look at those gorgeous little faces and remind yourself why you’re absolutely amazing!  You did this.  You created this world of yours and you should be proud.  Sure, it may not be exactly what you imagined, but did you wake up?!  Yes, you did.  And that can sometimes feel like a chore in itself, but you know what…  I’m SO glad you did.  Because, feel it or not, you matter.

The pressure will rise, yet choosing to swim instead of sink paves the path for your future, today and tomorrow.  Breathe.  You’ve got this!

Being a parent is hard.  You’ve handled it so beautifully this far, don’t let the expectations of others make you feel less than you are.

The pressure of life can only be as heavy as you allow it.  Remember that.

You are in control of your life, no one else.  You are in control of the happenings within, no one else.  You are in control of the progression of your days, no one else.  Passing blame, pointing fingers.. do you know of anyone who has ever come out on top by doing that?  Me neither.  So, don’t waste your time.

Live today for what it is..  a blessing.  You woke up.  You have a beautiful life to lead.  Embrace your family and remember the importance of why you exist.  Love conquers all; by giving love you open yourself to receive love.