The Mama Chronicles: Being Mom.

Being a mom is the job of a lifetime.  It requires more sacrifice and dedication than anything you’ve ever done before.  Late night, early mornings, or both all lead up to this.. You are a mom.

Sleep deprivation and a constant need for something turn us into coffee hoarding, baggy eyed zombies for the first few months.  Then we finally get these beautiful little creatures into a “mode” that should suggest a realm of normalcy, only to realize that they have a mind of their own!! Gasp!

Some days you reconsider the idea of having these sweet, sleep all night, cuddly babies that you see on commercials and want to send them back where they came from (Okay, bad analogy!), but you get the point.

You are now a chauffeur, a chef, laundry service, boo boo kisser, toy fixer.. among many other labels that come along with the biggest job of your life.

Where did you go?  The person you thought you’d be ten, twenty years ago.  The image you held of yourself.  The life you knew you’d lead..  where did that go?

The moments that lead up to now have been the most important moments of your life.  They have helped shape your next adventure.  Sure, they may’ve been stressful, unexpected, and sometimes incredibly heavy, yet you’ve made it this far.. don’t stop now!

Just because your title changed, doesn’t mean you hang yourself out to dry.  No!  You live your life.  You continue to grow and make the necessary changes to regain your footing.  You can be exactly the person you’ve always imagined you’d be.  Living that big, dreamy life.  Doing the things you always knew you’d do.

The only difference is.. now you have a family in tow.  Don’t fret.. they’ll be along for the ride.  Want to know how I know?

You’ve heard my story before, so here’s the shortened version:

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve felt the feelings you feel..  Lost, unidentifiable, confused, like there has to be more to me than ‘Mom’.  I’ve felt it to my core.  To the depths of my soul, I knew that being a mom was the greatest gift I’d ever been given, yet I knew there was more to me.  I knew I was destined for greater things, to change the world however I could.  I knew I had something to say and that someone, somewhere needed to hear it.

I’ve been where you are.  It took me on a journey to find out exactly what it was that I needed, who I was meant to be, and how was I going to get there.

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone!

I am a mom.  I have two kiddos that I cherish and adore with my entire being, yet I knew that my life has a bigger purpose.  I knew that I could reach people who needed to find their voice, to unveil their hidden desires, and breathe life back into their heart.  And I know that having kids, typical and special needs (I have one of each) can be the biggest chapter of your story.

Your story doesn’t stop there.  Your chapters are not written in stone.  You have a voice that others need to hear.  Your message is one of uniqueness and love.  Unlock the power of your mind and become who you need to be.. for you. Your world will thank you later.

I am an Empowerment Coach.  I work with moms all over the world who have felt silenced through life, identity slipping away to become ‘Mom’, dreams fading and a wrestling heart that wants more.  I am here to tell you that you can be all and do all.. without sacrificing your family.

Look, if I can do it, you can too.  Everyone has challenges in their lives.  We just have to find a way to turn those challenges into triumphs, using them to our advantage by changing the way you perceive them.

Let me help you!