Who are you?

Yesterday I wrote about solitude. About digging deep within to hear your inner voice speaking volumes that so many of us don’t hear. Learning to spend time in your own company, learning who you truly are, what your body needs, and how you plan to positively impact your life and that of others..

Today, I ask you this.. Who are you?

Without expectation. Without definition placed by others. Not by what paper says about you. Not by an outside opinion.

Who are you, really?

What does your soul say when it speaks to your heart? What do you hear in your mind? When you clear out all of society’s depiction, what do you know of yourself?

I used to think that I was simply a wife, a mom, a dream-filled writer, a wish-I-could be someone who changed the world, a college degree, and anything I heard others say about me.

What I’ve learned is that the perception of who I thought I was isn’t at all who I am.. I am so much more than what people can see on the outside, and the sliver of self that I allow them to see.

I’m not defined by my career, by my parent status, by the world’s view of me.. No. I’m defined by who I was destined to be upon creation.

I am a light. I am a healer. I am an old soul that has more uncovered history than I ever realized. I am a work in progress, ready and willing to change myself so I can change the world. I am here.. present and future.

You see.. our past does not define us. Our present and our future are all we have. Yesterday may’ve been difficult and harder than you had hoped for, yet you can’t change yesterday. You can only change the here and now. Don’t allow a label by someone else’s standards be who you are today.

You are more than that. You are the future. You are a soul waiting to be loved by YOU. You are a light that needs to shine bright.

You decide who you are. Look within. Feel it. Breathe it in. Make yourself a priority. Learn who you truly are, then let the world know you.. when you’re ready.

You are beautiful. ❤