While walking with feet on the earth, she felt a tremble in her heart.  She was alone in the dark.  She could feel a presence around her.  It was encapsulating, full of fear.

She called out to the fog.  Desperately begging for peace.  Tears fled down her face as she took tiny steps forward.  She was ashamed of the fear that allowed her to sink within.

A moment later, she felt a piercing caress on her hand.  She gasped, unable to move.  A voice spoke quietly.  It called her name in a sinister tone.  She stood deathly still as the fog surrounded her body.  The voice screeched and dragged.  It wanted her fear to rise above all courage she’s ever felt.

Her soul leaped high above her sight,  into the fog.  She fell to the ground.  Feeling the tension that her heart was absorbing, a sudden flash crashed beside her broken body.

She felt a shock.  A wave of electricity.  A stream of white light blanketed her chest, removing the pressure of the fog.

As the night sky began to clear, she could see herself standing above her.  Words could not escape her lips.  She was in awe.

Gently she rose to her feet.  She was staring into her own eyes.  Her soul had fought a war in her mind; attempting to destroy her.  The battle was over.  The fog had disappeared.

As she took a step forward, she felt whole once again.  It had been years since she felt so complete.  She felt love.  She felt a beautiful light about her.  She was no longer living in her darkness.  She was set free.