Speaking my truth.

For years, I lived in a darkness that I thought was just me.  I joked that my personality was dark like my soul.  In all honesty, I was okay with this.  I enjoyed being different from others in my own unique way.  I never felt the need to follow the crowd, to be liked, or admired.  I enjoyed doing what felt right to me, without caring what the rest of the world thought about it.  I wish I could say that this process of thinking was healthy and beneficial to my life in the grand scheme of things, yet that would be untrue.

My life has been fantastic.  There was never a traumatic event that shaped who I am, or a story that dampened my self-worth.  No, I’ve been blessed to have a wonderful l life, and through my mistakes and mishaps, I’ve grown through every experience.

It all started with a loving family in a Christian household.  There were rules and expectations, nothing out of the norm.  And I was, lets say.. slightly unruly.  I had my own ideas of what I wanted, didn’t care much for the expectations.  I thought I knew better.  I had my own agenda, regardless of what my family thought.

I made my mistakes.  I became a self-proclaimed expert at walking away from anyone and everyone that didn’t fit me any longer.  This “trait” was something I’ve been known for my entire life.  Friends, jobs, family members.. it didn’t matter.  If I was done, I was done.  Justified or not, that made no difference to me.

Fast forward many years, two kids, a different heart, and many mistakes (and life changes) later.. and here I am now.  I’ve healed.  I will make the mistakes as human nature allows us to grow, yet I know that what I once thought as a personality trait was just a flaw in myself that I was refusing to acknowledge.

Throughout the past year, I had decided that I needed to figure out what my purpose was.  I needed to dig deep inside myself to uncover my higher meaning.  I’ve known for most of my life that I was meant for greatness.  I could feel it in my soul, coursing through my veins..  I just didn’t know how to tap into what it was.  Until I ran across a program to become a Life Coach.  At first, I thought “nah, I’m not one to give others advice” and “I have my own issues to tend to”.  But when this course kept coming up, and I inadvertently signed up for what I thought was a different class only to realize it was the coaches training, I followed the sign.  Thankfully I did!!  It has been life changing, enlightening, and a dream come true!

For all these years, feeling that I was meant for more, meant to work internationally, be in places some people only dream of, live the fairy-tale… and now I am, its a pinch-myself-kind-of-life!  I am living my dream!  I am working with people all over the world, on the brink of traveling abroad for the first time, helping others..  this is it!  This is exactly what I had felt for so long.

By unlocking my potential, working through a darkness I had hidden for so long, and bringing to light a heart willing to serve others, I am able to build the life I have craved.

This morning I was invited to join a program by a fellow coach, who I respect and can learn from.  You see, in my journey to help others, I am applying all of my training to my own life, because, frankly, I need to experience the enlightenment that I’m teaching to my clients.  Its an amazing process of self discovery that I am so excited to share with you!

We all have a story.  Some are more tragic than others and our stories have shaped us to be who we are..  yet sometimes who we are today isn’t who we’re meant to be.  Find your passion, fill yourself with light and bloom into the best self you are!

I can help!


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  1. I love this. Life coaching is something I’ve considered doing for others as well, but I haven’t jumped in yet, I’m still in the research stage. I do have a coach of my own and it truly does make a world of difference!