She is a safe place.

Recently, I’ve taken steps back from people and situations that no longer have positive meaning in my life. There’s a part of me that wants to back step to “fixing” these situations/relationships, yet deep down I know their purpose is no longer fitting in my life.

I feel this happens to many of us, on many levels. We become aware of things no longer serving us and we release them. Only to feel abandoned by or that we did abandon it, and run back to speak our truth. Many times, for me at least, I’ve felt that I needed to make my voice heard or felt that I had hurt someone’s feelings by disappearing (when I felt it necessary).. only to be back where I started. This is the utmost suffocating scenario ever.

We remove ourselves for a reason. Typically, a reason that we’ve thought deeply about and made rational awareness of the lack of just in our lives. That said, why do we return to something that isn’t healthy to who we are becoming?

Each day I’m striving to be better than yesterday’s version of myself, yet I seem to allow the wondering thoughts of this or that to invade my mind, leading me to believe I should follow up with the situation/relationship for some reason or another.

I’m speaking vaguely because the feeling is natural, yet the circumstances are different for each of us, in each stage of our lives.

Our minds are more powerful than we realize. We put emphasis on our day in a single thought, positive or negative. One single thought can literally make or break an entire 24 hour span of our life. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer to spend those precious hours reveling in how amazing and blessed my life is, rather than how another person hurt my feelings or did me wrong. That’s a reflection of them, not me. My focus will be placed on building a successful life in many aspects, loving my people, and creating memories.

Nobody has time for negativity.. so push that mess out the door and grab onto the promising future you’re building each day!

If you woke up this morning, you have something to be grateful for! If you have food on your plate, you have something to be grateful for! If you feel love in yourself and your life, you have something to be grateful for!

And.. how do we continually raise our vibration for the Universe to feed our lives in return? Give back. However you can, how much you can. Just help others. Share a smile. Open a door. Buy someone’s morning coffee. Spread compliments like wildfire. Whatever you do, give love to receive love.. and don’t make space in your mind for the ugly situations to creep back in. You left them in yesterday for a reason and they need to stay there. Today is your present! Be here!!