I remember..

I was driving down the freeway in Dallas, TX, listening to a morning talk show to add a bit of humor to my morning commute.  The DJs got silent.  The laughter stopped.  When the woman DJ finally spoke to say that a plane had hit the first World Trade Tower.  People everywhere gasped, cried.

I stared out the windows of our office, everyone around me was torn between ‘was this really happening’ or ‘is this some sick joke?’

I remember trying to contact my parents who lived in Pennsylvania.  Reports of a hijacked plane heading towards their city were all over the radio.  That’s all we had.  No confirmation, no sure information.  All we could do was wait.  Phone lines were down.  I tried relentlessly to contact my family.. we were all over the country.  Separated.

My brother living in Florida at the time, serving in the US military.  My uncle, cousins, numerous friends.. everywhere..  all serving to protect this country.

I remember watching the television for days as survivors were found.  As bodies were recovered.  As families scrambled, hoping to locate their loved ones.  All we could do was watch.. heartbroken for our country, for the innocent, for the ones left behind..

I’ll never forget the videos and photos.  Horrifying.  Heart wrenching.  We cried for people we had never met.

As our country cried, we sat in terror.  We held our neighbors.  We become one nation under God, the way it was meant to be.

Tragedy struck on our soil.  Lives were taken.

Unity became our anthem.  We will not be broken.

I pray for you.  I pray that you find peace.