A Letter to you..

There’s no denying that our journey has been rough.  Once we lost our way and the road back seemed to fade in existence, yet here we are.

There is a dream that I created in my mind of what life would look like.  I visualized all the places I would go, all of the foods I would ingest, all of the trails that I would climb.. all of those include you.

We had a dream.  We had a plan.  Then life happened and all seemed lost.  We diverted onto separate paths for a bit.  For me, I needed closure for a life of expectations.  I wasn’t living within the moment, allowing life to be spontaneous.  Foolishly, I thought a well versed scenario would suite our dreams better.  I took a step back, centering myself, bringing life to the present.  I was living in the shadows of what I thought would be, not what’s meant to be.

We have chapters unwritten, pages needing to be filled with laughter and adventure.  With heart and soul, I long to travel this life alongside our family.  To share memories with our kids, ones that are unique and life-changing.

Travel this road with me..  we have so much more to conquer.