This is a story unique in its own right..

Meditating has become a release for me.  It has changed me; changed my mindset- the way I think, the way I perceive life around me, the way I respond.  A complete transformation is happening, I can feel it, and it is amazing!

There were roads traveled that I didn’t understand, and times when I felt completely lost, unable to properly love myself.  What I learned through meditation is that self love is the first love needing to be established so that I am fueled to spread love to a world needing it so.

I’m in-love with the learning.. something new each day.  Loving my new self.  Loving my new thoughts.  Loving my new ideas.  I feel lighter, more at ease with life’s curveballs.  I feel as though if I can fall and rise again, a better version than I’ve ever been, I can be beneficial to the world around me.

So, the story goes like this:  Meditating is transforming.  Deep in a meditative state, I felt as though I was looking at myself from the outside.  I could see a green essence radiating from my chest (the heart chakra).  I could feel happiness coursing through my veins, something I haven’t purely felt in some time.  I was smiling.. a true, genuine smile.

I stayed in this state for as long as I could simply because I was in awe of how unreal it felt.  I knew right away this was something I’d never forget.

As unique as this experience was, it was not something that happens overnight.  It took practice.. a lot of practice to learn to clear my thoughts to concentrate on just being.

The end result will never come..  I truly believe that this is learning and will be forever changing.  An experience that I’ll cherish until the end of time.

Unfolding before my own eyes, reaching a deeper version of myself, uncovering all of the fears that I’ve lived behind for far too long.. that was me.  And this is me now!

I’m excited for the future.  Unafraid of the hard work it takes to peel back the layers for growth, to discover a new me with every path.

Let the fun begin!