The Power of Positivity.

If you’re like me, positivity was never my strongest attribute.  I may have appeared happy on the outside, yet deep inside I was feeling a range of emotions that usually left me confused, uneasy or mundane.  I was the person who would quickly draw a grim conclusion to any scenario, rather than seeing the potential for a good outcome.  This was me.

It wasn’t until I made the conscious decision to change the way I think, perceive, and react that I began to feel the difference in my life.  When you decide to think positively, you change the way your brain processes emotions.  Its rather fascinating!  Its like seeing the day in a much brighter light.

Its a beautiful concept, you know.  Life through colored glasses.  Instead of living life in a state of grey shadows, believe that you deserve all of the happiness in the world, change your mindset to change your life.

You are powerful.  More powerful than you realize.  Grasp your abilities and enjoy the ride!  But remember to leave fear behind..  its not worthy of the journey you are on!