Amazing things are happening!

When you begin to feel the transformations taking place in your life, you start to realize that what you thought is now your reality!  Like you, (and like I’ve said many times before) I knew I was destined for great things, I just didn’t know exactly what it was.  So, as you know, I did a lot of soul searching.  Until finally.. my light bulb began to shine so bright I couldn’t ignore it if I tried.

You hear it everywhere.. find your why.  Why do you want to achieve your dreams?  Why do you feel the burning desire to create greatness on such an intense level?  What is driving you to become who you know you are meant to be?

My answer has basically always been the same.  My kids.  They are the reason I was determined to find my destiny.  They are the reason I work so hard.  They are the reason that I searched every avenue until I found the one that was meant for me.  They are the reason that I am so driven to create the life of our dreams.

Recently, I saw a Facebook post from Rachel Hollis (swoon!  I just adore her!).  She talked about her children watching her as she set forth to create the life she is living.  How her children saw the hard work, the dedication, the desire for more, the dreams that carried her through.  THAT, my friends, is exactly why I didn’t give up!  Because my kids are always watching!  Trust me, there have been days when all I wanted to do was sit on the couch, eating ice cream from the carton, watching Netflix (and I have had those days!), yet I knew that the only person who can make my dreams a reality.. is ME!  Nobody is going to hold my hand.  Nobody can make me work for it.  Nobody will make it happen unless I do!

When I realized that business/life coaching was my calling, I ran with it.  I began to take in all of the advice I could, learn from those already working in the field, creating their dream life, living for the moment.  I took steps to make it happen.. not fully understanding what I was in for, but it was a challenge that I knew was necessary.  But I didn’t stop there.  My mind is always reeling with new possibilities, new business ventures that align with my beliefs/morals/ideas/desires/life.  You know how I recently spoke of manifesting desires?  This is where that came into play.

I have been on a healthy path for quite many years now.  In the way our family eats, the products that I use around my house, personal care items, basically everything that would involve ingesting, inhaling, or touching our bodies in any way.  When the opportunity to jump into a franchise with a company that aligned with my core beliefs, it didn’t take long to know that the fit was perfect for my family.

Last week, I made the leap!  I own a bit of a company that flows beautifully with my life, what I teach others, and how I plan to leave the world for our future generations.  I feel so confident about my decision that I had no reservations at all.. from the initial meeting.  That alone told me I was on the right track.

I introduce to you..  my little piece of botanically made heaven..

Yes, I am a business owner on many levels, yet this one is aligned with my passion to live a clean, healthy life INSIDE AND OUT!!

I tell you this for several reasons..  not to “sell” you anything.  I don’t have to do that.. the products sell themselves; if you’re willing to have faith in my word and proof that the longevity of the company speaks volumes, and when you do, you’re going to feel absolutely amazing!  Its not a sales pitch.  I want to leave the world in a better place than it was when I arrived.  I want to live the healthiest (mind, body & soul) life I can possibly live so that I can enjoy every second of my existence.  I want to teach my kids, friends and family that making good health choices isn’t just one thing or another.. its a whole package.  Because I believe in it!!  And I know that in order to live my best life, I need to be in good health.

Do you remember my recent post about asking the Universe (God) for a sign?  That for once, I had no hesitation, no fear, and I wasted no time taking a leap of faith to make my dreams come true?!  This is what I was talking about.  I did what I felt was right.  My kids already know that Mom doesn’t allow certain foods in the house, in our bodies, etc.  This is no different.. its more of an addition to what they already know.  And, frankly, I feel amazing!!

Taking interest in your health (because we’re only given one body and life!) doesn’t stop with what you eat.  Its necessary to exercise your mind, take care of your mental health, as well as your emotional health.  Building a base for all of these things to work harmoniously you begin to realize that what you put into your body isn’t just about what you eat.  Its what you listen to, what you watch, and what you eat or drink.

I’m living my dream.  I’m making the most of each and every day (even though sometimes its harder than others! Haha).  And I’m making better choices so that I can spend more time with the ones I love, doing the things we enjoy!

Join my journey! Follow me to see where this goes and let me help you achieve your goals too!!