What you believe you become.

A long time ago I realized that I was meant for more.  I knew that my life had a path that I hadn’t uncovered yet.  I had to begin a journey to figure out the chaos in my mind.

I was confused and had no idea where to start.  I knew I wanted to do something life-changing, but what?  You already know that writing courses through my veins, yet making it into more than a hobby was plaguing my brain.

I began investigating what meditation could do for me.  I mean, I knew the aspect of helping to relieve stress and release the emotions that were holding me down, yet I hadn’t realized the power behind it.  I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to learn about the power of mindset and manifestation… and how it all ties together.

I began to realize that by telling myself that I’m worthy, I’m powerful, and I can do absolutely anything, I started believing in myself in ways I never had before.  I had a habit, which like most of us, was a lot of “I can’t do that”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I could never reach that level of success” mindset.. until the lightbulb went off!  By acknowledging that the words I spoke to myself were leading to life I was choosing to live.  Even when I was saying that I wasn’t happy.  Who knew?!  Apparently, everyone but me!  Haha!!  (guess I didn’t get that memo!)

So, here’s what I started doing:  I started telling myself how worthy I am.  How anything I work for and want are mine already!  That if the Universe (God) sees it fit, let it be.

And here’s what I stopped doing:  overthinking.  Point blank.  I began to feel less overwhelmed, less stressed, less confused.  All because I made the conscious effort to change the way I think, I changed the way I live.

Now, I know you may be thinking I’m crazy or whatever, and that’s completely fine.  What I’ll say to that is don’t knock it until you try it!!  My life is moving in a upward spiral of positivity, love, self respect, success and so much more!

When I was seeking a new avenue, something that I could be passionate about and not lose momentum in my life, I asked for a sign.  Something that would be obvious and relevant.  I asked for financial independence, something I’ve never personally had.  What I found is exactly what I asked for!  I was, basically, approached with an opportunity that I didn’t expect, but am overjoyed that it arrived.  After I was offered the amazing opportunity, again, I asked for clarity, guidance and a sign.  If this was meant to be, let it be natural and smooth.  What happened next was a first for me.  Nothing.  No doubt.  No hesitation.  No second thoughts.  No financial concerns.  NOTHING!  Seriously, it was a first.  Generally speaking, the “old” me would’ve lost sleep contemplating the cons of the offer, overthought it to the point of talking myself out of what could be the best opportunity of my life, and ultimately saying No because it was my safe place.  I had none of that.  That told me that the ease I was feeling was my sign.  That no matter what, I would find my success alongside this opportunity.. and that it wasn’t just for my benefit, but for my family, friends, strangers, and so many others.

I am embarking on a me that is about to change the world.. one person at a time!   I couldn’t be happier!

When manifesting your desires and asking for guidance, the thing(s) to remember is having faith that you’re about to receive what’s best for you and to have patience.  Immediate results are not part of the equation here.  Practicing patience is so important when seeking life-changing happenings to take place.

Each of our journeys are different, just as our destinations will not be the same.  But in the right mindset, they can be utterly beautiful and intensely transforming.