Discovering the soul.

You may or may not be aware of the transformations I’ve invited into my life.  I’ve spoke about challenging myself to intentionally transform my mindset, to change my life.  By deciding to become aware of myself on a more intimate level and to make the necessary changes to create the life I want and deserve, I’ve learned many valuable lessons.

The process is intense.  Its more than I expected.  I knew I would learn a lot, yet I didn’t expect all of what’s been happening.  Oddly enough, at the beginning of the journey to become more present, I stumbled upon some details of my past that had been buried deep inside.  The details are irrelevant because what I discovered was something more profound.

As I’ve spoke many times before, the importance of feeling, recognizing, and releasing played a major role in the information that I inadvertently uncovered .

I believe we are who we are meant to be.  But I also believe that we can change that path at any moment.  We decide what our future will hold, how we will react to the unwanted circumstances, how we will shape our minds.  This is important.

Its part of the discovery of the soul.  Have you ever been truly in touch with yourself?  As in, allowed yourself to feel the darkness within, make peace with the deep rooted beliefs that have held you down for so long?  We become a product of what we’re taught, not because we want it, yet that’s what we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

An awakening happens when you take back your power.  When you decide to unlock your truest self and become you, instead of who you’ve been conditioned to be for others.

In learning of my past, I had to decide which avenue to take with the information.  I chose to release it.  It was a darkness of my past that didn’t deserve to occupy space in my present, or future.  I chose to address it differently.  I felt it, recognized that it may have played a role in the shaping of who I was, then released it knowing that today’s me was, and will not, be affected by it.  It was full of negative emotions that I chose not to make space for.

I chose to make my future something different.  I chose to let go of a past that needed no attention in my current life.  I chose to release it for what it was..  a past.

When I began the journey of creating the life I wanted, deserve, and have a passion for, I knew I’d encounter bits that would make me uncomfortable.  That is part of the process.  I could’ve allowed the uncomfortable to get comfortable in my mind, yet I chose otherwise.

Our past is our past.  That’s where it belongs.  We have the power within to create today and tomorrow.  Choosing peace and happiness only attracts more of the same.  This has been one of the most important lessons I’ve learned recently.

By delving into a level of myself that I had never experienced, I’m learning (along with others) about a whole new me.  Its fascinating!

We all have a dark, sometimes scary, past.  We all have a story that we don’t show others.  We all have things we are ashamed of.

We also have the  power to create something we’re proud of.  To let go of who we once were and let the people who once knew you, relearn the new you!

Don’t get me wrong.. its a process.  It all takes time, but sometimes the Universe (God) has a plan bigger than you could’ve imagined and you need to have faith.  You may stumble, but only you can allow yourself to fall.