Searching for light.

Yesterday I wrote in a very honest, raw manner. Everything about my day was off. I felt negativity coursing through my mind, and I knew there was a reason I needed to feel it. I couldn’t pinpoint what that reason was, yet I knew it was necessary.

I tried to relieve myself from feeling so down, but no matter what I did I couldn’t release it until I felt it. So, as much as I didn’t want to I had to let it be. And I did. I felt it, allowed it to be known to my mind that something was holding me still at the moment, then when the time was right, I let it go.

By evening, I attempted another meditation session and was successful this time. I was ready to release all of the feelings that had bottled up recently. The burden of negativity was lifted and I felt at ease once again.

This morning when I woke, I knew I was back. I could feel myself being light again. Not allowing frustration to take it’s unwanted place in my day(s).

Then I realized something. Without even realizing it, I was finding positivity anywhere I could. In any situation there is something positive to be found. I was speaking higher about things I had once spoken of as dreadful. No longer was I accenting the negatives, yet allowing every small positive detail to shine brighter than it’s ugly counterpart.

It has a snowball effect.. the choice to find one small positive detail becomes bigger and bigger without even realizing it.. and before you know it, you’ve changed your thought process! It’s amazing!!

We have the power within ourselves to be the positive change in our lives! All it takes is one small change to build up to massive changes that move mountains (those dark, sad walls that we’ve built around ourselves). Move them away! Enjoy the small things and you’re already giant steps ahead of where you were yesterday!

Today is a new day. Live in the present and enjoy every second of it!