Its time to get real.  Sometimes being intensely honest is necessary.

I’m on a journey.  I’m reaching new heights within that I have never ventured to.  I am seeking clarity, reigniting passion, and moving past fear, resentment and my past.

Everyone has a past.  Everyone has a story that they don’t want to share.  We’re all someone different today than we were yesterday.  And to make it more interesting.. others can only see your depth according to how deep they can reach within themselves.

That may see hard to understand, but I believe its true.  We all have a layer underneath that most people don’t see.  We show others what seems appropriate at the time, according to circumstance and situation.  Yet there is a core buried inside of each of us only unleashed to those who can handle their own hidden depth.

Today has been overwhelming.  Today I’ve experienced a range of emotions that I hadn’t expected when I woke this morning.  When I began to walk this new path, I learned that emotions need to be felt, recognized and released.. not allowed to overcome my reasoning, and definitely not allowed to form the outcome of my day.  Emotions are meant to keep us alive.  We need to feel.  We need to feel the happenings of our lives.  Recognize why we feel the way we do and release it.  Our souls are meant for light.  They are meant to feel the passion of each breath, to become grounded in ourselves and revel in the grace of the world.

When I woke this morning, it was a sudden wakening from my daughter.  I allowed my morning to step into an old habit of frustration and anxiety.  I allowed myself to forget everything I have been working through and towards to make new habits; more positive ones that bring me peace and happiness, not negativity.  I felt them.  All of them.  I knew that I needed to pull myself out of this state and back to where I could grow, be productive and positive.  I knew I needed to move forward, leaving this drowning feeling behind.

There are a lot of changes happening in my life.  I’ve been pretty good about letting go of any feelings that didn’t elate me, bring me peace, or leave me feeling joy.  Its been a learned process, yet I’m making lovely progress each day.  Today was an exception.

I took a step back, regained my thoughts and released those feelings.  I knew that what I was feeling was only feeding into the thoughts of despair that, at one time, would’ve ruined the day or many more.  I knew that my old habits of overwhelm, overthinking, and worry were on their way back.  I let them all go.  I attempted a meditation session to get ahold of myself, but it was unsuccessful.  So, I waited.  I did some deep breathing, went for a short ride, and reminded myself that this was temporary.

You see, we all have days that feel too much.  We all have happenings in our lives that want to push us several steps back.  Feel it.  Recognize it.  Release it.  

From kids and family, work and school, friends and social situations.. we tend to get caught up in the wrong aspects of life.  When we focus on the joy, the fun, anything positive that you can pull from a situation, you change the way you think.. allowing yourself to view the world differently.  You don’t need validation from an outside source.  You don’t need anyone else to decide your happy.  You do you!  Be you!  What makes your soul soar is different from everyone else.. that’s what makes you special; unique.

Don’t allow anyone to dampen your light.  Don’t allow your emotions to overcome your senses.  Feel it and let it go.  You have no control of how others view you.  Your mistakes are your past.  Your future is yours, and only yours.  Let go of the past.  Live for today only.  There will always be someone who wants to remind you of your imperfections because they can’t face their own.  Walk away.  Love yourself enough to keep moving forward, even if it means leaving those behind.

Sometimes life becomes too much.  Sometimes we need to be reminded of which path to walk.  Sometimes we need to walk away from anyone or anything that no longer enlightens us.  Today I needed to be reminded.  Today I needed to be held accountable.  Today was my day.  But I know that tomorrow will be better.  I know that God is holding my hand.  I know that no matter the feelings I need to feel, I’ll be okay.

Feel it.  Recognize it.  Release it.  

You are meant for far greater things than your doubt can endure.  Let it be great!