Little faces.

Each morning when I wake, I see your face.  I see the eyes created to see the pureness of life.  I see the smiles of children with joyous hearts.  I see the souls of two small children filled with elation to waken each morning, fresh and anew.

Each morning I am amazed at how exuberant you are to begin a new day.  I see the twinkle in your eyes reminding me of the beauty in the world.  Your laughter reverberates through each room as your excitedly begin your adventure.

I never realized that two small beings could change life so drastically.  Bringing happiness my heart had never felt, tears of joy as I see you grow, and a love that is unconditional and everlasting.

To my kids:

You have changed me.  You have made me a better person.  You have taught me to see love in things I never imagined.  You have brought joy to my soul, something I hadn’t felt before.  You have given me a reason to push past my self-made walls of fear and create a life worthy of freedom, laughter, and joy.  You have made me realize that the journey doesn’t have to be basic or standard.. that the journey we create is that of our own and, as long as we’re together, will be utterly brilliant!  For this, I thank you!  Thank you for teaching me to see the world through your eyes.  Thank you for giving me a reason to look forward to each day.  Thank you for allowing me to be your mom.


Our kids are our world.  They are our future.  They deserve to be taught about love, respect, endurance in a life that can be relentless and unforgiving, and forgiveness.  Each lesson taught not only teaches our kids, but brings home the lessons that we sometimes forget.