Just go with it!

For so many of us, signs are something we ignore more than accept.  I know for myself, I try to see the signs for what they are, yet I feel like I’m always missing something.  At what point do we just know?!  This may sound a bit unrealistic, I get it.  But seriously, do you ever wonder if your destiny threw signs at you and you missed it?  I do!

Here’s an example..  take it however you feel, yet know that I’m not delusional.  Simply curious.  As you know, I’ve had a slight obsession with pretty much all things French since, well.. my entire life.  That said, I felt pulled to be in France for so long that I never payed attention to anything else.  I wouldn’t allow the thought of being anywhere else to invade my thoughts.  I knew this was it for me.  I could envision myself in a small attic apartment overlooking the idyllic Parisian street, a café with chairs lined outside, the smell of fresh flowers breezing past me as I sit by the window.  I could imagine sitting in my tiny home, absorbing every idea that I could imagine.  Writing a book, a blog post, something to express myself through written word.  I would work, enjoy my family among the best city in the world, immerse myself in the culture that I’ve been dreaming of for so many years.  I would take in the tourist attractions, but for the most part I’d live like a local.  This was my dream.  This is where I felt I was meant to be.

Then I began to wonder..  For the past year or so, I’ve networked more than I ever have.  I broke free from my fears of “putting myself out there” and let the world see me.  In that time, I’ve made new relationships with so many people from across the world.  It’s been such a refreshing, welcome change.  When you do such things that you aren’t necessarily comfortable with, yet take the risk, you allow yourself to grow.  You allow yourself to become the person you’re meant to be, as opposed to who you feel you should be.  You’ve heard it before..  Be you!  Do it for you!

I’ve raised my vibration to attract like-minded individuals.  People who are creating lives that they are proud of and want to share with the world.  Making the world a better place for themselves, their future, and mine.  The people I’ve met in the past year have allowed me to see my own potential, to stop making excuses and to grow.

I will not be in the same place next year.  I know that.  The old me would be shaking in my shoes to know that my life was about to turn upside down, without a plan to fall on.  I have no idea what my future holds, but I do know that I’m running full steam ahead, full of excitement.

For all of the love I’ve poured into Paris, I can’t help but think there’s more to see.  In my many connections made throughout the past year, most of them have been in the UK.  It may not make sense to you, yet I wonder if this is one of those signs I was talking about.  I’ve “met” some of the most influential women in the UK, making history and doing things that I could only dream of.  BUT.. that’s what its all about!  Inspiring one another!  Showing the world that there is so much more than we could dream of.  To break free from the mold we’ve been conditioned to remain and actually live!  That’s what I want to be part of.  Being stagnant is no longer comfortable.  I want to change the world I live in.  I want to inspire others to wake up and move!  I want to be someone who makes you think.  Someone who makes you wonder if those signs are trying to get your attention.. to grab you by the shoulders and say “Come along with me!  Don’t be afraid!”

I say fill those passport pages with memories.  Take your kids along for the ride.  Memories and experiences are more valuable than possessions.

Live.  Free your mind.

Just go with it!