Lose the regret.

I’ve always felt that regrets are a waste of time and energy.  Each one of us has done things, made decisions or followed a path we wish we hadn’t, yet without those decisions being made, we wouldn’t be who we are today.  Each and every decision makes us who we are.. good or bad.

Trust me, I’ve done some things in my life that I’m not proud of, but I wouldn’t change any of them.  The roads I chose were chosen for a reason even if wasn’t the right one.  I made the mistakes and I learned from them.  Learning from our choices is such an empowering feeling.  Yes, some of them bring hurt and pain, yet after time we begin to realize why it didn’t work out how we thought it would.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  If we continually do the thing that hurts us, or leaves us more damaged than we were before, we’re not absorbing the lesson that the Universe is sending to us.  We were made expected to make mistakes, to be imperfect and to be weary of the truth within ourselves.

Sadly, I believe we are conditioned to think a certain way, to believe a certain way, to follow a predetermined path.  Sometimes we have to break from that mold to decide for ourselves if this is the life that is most fulfilling to us, or would coming to terms with upsetting a few individuals to pave your own road to follow our destiny.  No matter what you decide to do in your life, allowing your past to determine your future is the quickest way to staying stagnant in a less desirable life.

Our past is our past.  It can’t be changed, so living in regret will only kill the future that the Universe desperately wants for you.  Make peace with yourself.  Make peace with anyone you feel necessary.  Process the emotions of what has happened in your life and release them.  Move forward and don’t look back.

You were made for so much more than regret.  You were made to thrive, evolve and blossom into a new beautiful version of yourself every single day.