I loved you before.

I loved you before I loved myself. That was my fault. I put your desires and dreams before my own, only to find resentment waiting for me on the other side. I loved your thoughts above mine.

I never saw it coming. I didn’t realize I had lost myself in all of you. I unknowingly gave up my own needs to make you smile.

Years later, I woke up. The emptiness was so intense that I couldn’t breathe. Not understanding what had happened, where I got lost, I tracked my steps. They led back to you. I replayed every moment we shared, every smile I painted on, and every time I pushed my dreams aside because it wasn’t for you.

Now.. it’s my turn. My happiness has taken center stage. My ambition is no longer homeless and dark. I have decided to take my life back and regain my identity.

I am set free of the burden you placed upon my shoulders. I am returning to the person I knew I’d become.

My life is my own. My happiness isn’t at the mercy of another person. My goals will be fulfilled. I am living my life peacefully and on my own terms.

I love me for me.