Internal demons.

She wants to run away. She wants to forget all of the pain that is burning her soul to pieces. She wants nothing more than to forget. She can start over; she’s done so many times before. She is full of fear.. fear of the unknown, fear of the past, fear of hurting.

She begs the Universe to forgive her for her past regressions. She begs for mercy. She doesn’t know where to turn next. Her eyes flood with tears. She carries her past like a weight on her shoulders. No matter where she retreats to, her burden is dragging her down. She knows that an end must be near.

As she fears most, she can no longer run. She has planted herself in her present. She promised herself that she would not run away this time. A terrifying realization fills her heart. She has to start anew in the place that she belongs. She can’t run from her past, she must face the demons that haunt her.

She sits and waits. She knows that soon they will reappear. She makes peace with the Universe before going into her internal battle. As the darkness approaches, she swings the sword of faith. Shattering to the ground, she stands tall, taking her rightful place at the center of her life. She has defeated the darkness that has followed her throughout her years.

She sits in awe. She saved herself from what she has feared for so long. Herself.