When the days seem to run together with no variation of events, I long for bed time. Not because it will be different tomorrow, but because I need a break.

I do these things without hesitation. My children depend on me for all of their needs. Whether it be driving to events, making their meals or just holding them tight, I am their comfort.

On the days where it doesn’t seem that the sun will shine, I remind myself that these babies are mine. I created them, I will take care of them above anyone else, and no matter what I’ll always be there for them.. exhausted or not.

There are days in which I feel I’m about to break. Days that I can’t even express in words how I feel. All the while, trying my best to make them feel incredibly loved.

I go to bed at night, two small beings beside me. No matter the tantrums, the tears, the talk back, I lay there beside them adoring every second of their existence.

Each day I attempt a smile and a cheerful demeanor because that’s what they deserve. It’s not their job to pick up my pieces. It’s not their responsibility to carry my burden. It’s mine to lessen theirs.

My kids will never know the sacrifices I’ve made for them. They will never know the tears shed on their behalf.

I want them to know of the love that overflowed between us. To remember the days of laughter, excitement, dance parties, and pure silliness.

One day I’ll miss this. One day they’ll no longer want held. One day they won’t need me. And when that day comes, I’ll come back to this.. that no matter what happens in life, I am and always be your biggest fan.

Every exhausted parent should remember that you’re not alone.. and that one day when they’re all grown up, we have the precious memories to come home to.