Just be.

To be who you feel you are is unique.  Not everyone can be true to themselves, without the outside world dictating their value.  By allowing yourself to take the steering wheel of your own destiny and creating a life you’re in-love with, you’ve won!

Each day we make mistakes.  We allow others to charm us into being who they need us to be.  We accept their words as truth and are consistently disappointed by the outcome.  Rise above their emptiness!  Don’t fall prey to anyone else’s perceptions.

Be proud of yourself.  You have suffered, yet stood tall in your ashes.  Proclaim your position.  Take back your power and remember who you are.

People will let you down for their own relief.  Their sadness is blinded to the light that shines deep within your heart.

You are a spark.  You are creating a life that doesn’t need to be understood.  Your happiness is in your hands only.

Just be.  Happy, different, beautiful, and absolutely unstoppable.