Making peace a priority.

I don’t know about you, but I strongly feel that we are in control of our emotions, how we act and react, as well as our circumstances (most of the time).  Granted, as a child your control is slimmed back drastically, yet as adults, we create what we have.

It took me a long time to understand that the way my life had played out was a direct result of how I treated it.  Sometimes that was in the way I taught others to treat me, responded to certain situations, or simply reacted with unleashed emotion that wasn’t always properly managed.  On more than one occasion, I can honestly say that how I managed my life hasn’t always brought me peace.

Have you ever done something, sometimes by chance, only to realize that you were meant to be there doing that thing at that exact moment.. even if you didn’t realize it until after..?  Or maybe you didn’t realize your truest potential until you’re later years in life?  If that thing brought you more peace than you have ever experienced elsewhere.. I’m going to venture to say, its meant to be.  You were where you needed to be at that time for a reason.  Maybe its the universe pulling you from your comfort zone, or God opening a door to something you didn’t expect.. whatever it is, its important to follow it.

You will never know if this is your calling until you pursue it.  In my years of pondering who I am, what I want from my life, where I want to be spiritually and emotionally, I do know this.. that if whatever it may be rocked my core, brought me to my knees for a second and made me feel as my true self once again.. its mine!  Everyone has a different journey, a different calling in this life, yet I believe that with the right determination, peace at heart and support system, we can accomplish anything.

I want to start by living in peace.  It wasn’t something I realized overnight, yet I feel compelled to follow something I never expected.  The funny thing is that I don’t feel restricted or as I’m giving up on a different dream.. I feel at home with myself.  I feel that there is so much more to what I can become, more than I even imagined, that by not following it is only letting myself down.

Outwardly, it may seem silly to think that I just want to help people, especially if you know me personally (ha!), but that is it!  The avenue to do so is quite vast if you think about it.  I mean, personally, I have tons of friends doing the same thing in many different aspects (doctors, therapists, holistic medicine, teachers, moms, the list goes on!).  I want to help moms.  I want to help them locate their potential that has rooted itself deep in their core, that identity that has been buried to care for their families, the passion that has sizzled out since taking their role as a parent.  We all have it, but as a mom, I can truly relate.  And, seriously, that’s what its all about, right?  I want what you want.. peace.  To be reminded that I am worth it.  To know that any investment into myself is an investment worth making.  To be so fired up in that moment that the moment turns into change, that leads to living my best life.  That’s what we want!

So, I’m taking on a new role.  Along with writing, I want to help others by being there when you feel that you have no where to turn.  I want to help you find your best self, to live your best life and to be the best person you never knew you could be.

I haven’t spoken much about manifestation as of yet, but I’m going to.  Manifestation wasn’t anything that I knew much about until about six months ago.  Even after reading about it and really doing my research, I still didn’t grasp the entire feeling of how it works.  And I still don’t!  But what I do know is that if I can believe in myself to the point of knowing that the Universe (or God) is there to be my backbone in life, helping me get to where I need to be (monetarily, emotionally, etc) then I’m going with it.  Meditating to calm my stirred soul, manifesting to let the Universe (or God) know that I am serious, open, and ready to receive all the blessings that I can take in, and believing that I am worth all of it is key.. and that’s where I’m starting.  Today!

If you’re looking for the same thing, trust me when I say you are not alone!



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  1. bignsmol on May 8, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    I agree with you. There isn’t anything without inner peace!