Successful mindset.

If you’ve gotten to know me through the years, you know that I love to write. I thrive on the idea that no matter the mood, the situation, the process.. I can sit down and pound away at these keys, getting each and every emotion off my chest. I can speak of the good days, the not-so-good days, my kids, whatever I’m currently working on and so on. But no matter what, I’m writing.

Passion. Its one of my favorite words. It tells so much in a variety of context. For me, passion is about doing what I love. By doing what I’m passionate about, I’m creating a life that I don’t need relief from. Another wonderful point about this is what my children see. They see that working in a career that I thoroughly enjoy, not only fills me with pride, but with happiness too. I’m a firm believer that what you believe is what you become. If I believe that I am worthy of the successful person I aspire to be, I will become that.

The notion that we already know everything there is to know about any one thing is absurd. There is something new to learn every day! As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Without growing knowledge, we are lessening our abilities to be better with each new day.

I read as much as I write. I want to absorb something new every day so that I can be the best human I can be. Whether it be in my business, my hobby, my personal life, I feel that we all have something to learn from the circumstances we face and people we encounter. I love that I have broadened my horizons by putting myself out there to meet people that I admire. People that have created their most passionate life by not taking no for an answer. Those are my people.

There is something to be said about the mindset. If what we think, we create.. just imagine how glorious you’d feel knowing that you created your best life. I know I’d be insanely elated!

Yesterday I spoke about having a “down day”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with days like that. Nothing. Let me tell you a quick story about yesterday. I felt down. All day. Not much gave me joy yesterday, I won’t lie. But when the Universe (God) steps in and says enough is enough! and changes your entire mindset.. you roll with it! I intentionally stayed apart from my family as much as I could yesterday because I needed alone time.. when my son came home from riding his mini motorcycle, crying and screaming that he had wrecked. Immediately, I was done sulking. DONE. A higher calling was at my feet saying this is why you need to be happy. This child right here needs you. Now GO. That’s exactly what I did. I dropped what I was doing and made my way back to my purpose. We all have days and yesterday was one of mine. We have to remember our purpose and abandon those days when we’re done feeling what needs to be felt. Let it go.

Today is a new day. It has new potential. It will be better than my yesterday. Here’s how I made my comeback today. I researched, wrote and rewrote my first author bio for Thrive Global to be a contributing author. I never realized how difficult it would be to write something so “simple” until I had to do it. I followed the guidelines, took the advise, and made it happen. Well, after I wrote it, lost it, wrote it again, only to hate it and write it again.. I finally made my profile. I’m on my way to pitch my first article to an editor. Eek! Funny thing is that when I finished it, I thought I’d feel refreshed that it was complete, but no.. all I thought was I want more! I want to keep going, I want to make this happen!

Its that. We have to use our abilities and the Universe to our benefit. Good days or bad, we are lucky if we have tomorrow so why not make today amazing!